Stealing of drain coverings: This must be stopped!

By: Bernice Bessey & Pics by Eric Owiredu

A good citizen used these stones to draw attention to the danger (left), This exposed drain is a danger to pedestrians, especially in the night and is located at Alajo junction (right)

The Accra file has noted that over eleven metal coverings of drains are been stolen at Alajo by some unscrupulous people believed to be scrap dealers or their agents.

An interview of nearby residents revealed that the metal gratings were stolen within five days, and also during the night.

Most drains, especially, those at the bus stops, have been left uncovered, because scrap dealers and their cohorts have stolen the metal coverings.

These metal gratings have become a source of raw material for scrap dealers in the country, and for motorists, they also stand the danger of having their vehicles damaged, when during an attempt to park, they fall into these uncovered drains.

This situation has become dangerous, especially, for pedestrians, because passengers alighting from vehicles at bus stops or the roadsides, risk stepping into these uncovered drains, resulting in serious injuries to them.

Successive governments have, over the years, embarked upon some expensive infrastructural developments such as the construction of new roads, expansion of existing ones, the construction of drains, and many more.

But the situation at hand is getting worse, because the Accra File found out that these metal gratings are made of inferior material, resulting in most of them bending inwards, and eventually falling into the drains.

This situation is ongoing at the Dansoman Aliu Mahama road, where some weeks ago, residents reported this same situation to the authority in charge, about an uncovered drain right in the middle of a road, when approaching a junction.

This spot has caused a lot of damage to some vehicles which ply that route, as any time one of them unknowingly falling into this hole the tyre of the vehicle blows out, resulting sometimes in accidents, or the vehicle getting damaged.

The authorities responded to the situation, yet the Accra File realised that the situation had even become worse, because the concrete coverings with which they replaced the metal ones, do not last for long (just two weeks), and are developing cracks with some broken.

The Accra File is therefore, calling on the authorities in charge to intervene, since the situation is getting out of hand.

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