Space to Space business dying slowly

By Naa Betty Mingle & Erica Kwapong

A space to Space set-up

Space to Space vendors have disclosed to The Chronicle that the business has declined since the introduction of credit transfers by the various telecommunication networks.

They recounted that when the business started, there were not enough mobile phones, and the available phone cards were expensive, so most people preferred making phone calls at cheap prices than purchase credits at high cost.

Bright, one of the vendors around Tesano, told The Chronicle, “I was one of the persons that started this business when it was introduced, and it was very profitable, but now, someone will prefer buying a 30 pesewas credit, and save the rest, than make calls less than 20 pesewas, and pay 20 pesewas.”

He also revealed that he hardly makes more than twenty phone calls in a day.

Most of the sellers revealed that profit in making calls was greater than the transfer.
Abena Agyeman, a space to space retailer at Abeka, said, “For the calls you can take 20 pesewas from a client when the only credit used is 5 pesewas, but you take 25 pesewas for 20 pesewas transfer you give a customer.”

Meanwhile, most vendors also affirmed that selling only the credit was enough and fetches a little more money, noting that the gradual fall in the business is attributed to unemployment in the country, and how self-employed people like shop owners have taken to trading in the credit business.

In an interview with the Accra File, Nana Yaa said, “Even hairdressers and supermarkets are selling credits just close to a space to space joint. It surprises me how people don’t care a little about snatching other people’s businesses, when they know everyone is in hardship.”

Moreover, most of the traders whined that the hardship situation in this country was becoming unbearable, as they claimed they most at times make less than GH¢450 sales in a week.

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