Somotex Ghana Ltd donates to Family Outreach

Somotex Ghana, the sole official distributor of LG Electronics in Ghana has, in line with its social responsibilities donated various items to Family Outreach  which was founded in the year  2000 as a non-profit humanitarian aid organisation registered with the Department of  social welfare in Accra.

The organisation’s goal is to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in all areas of Ghana, specifically by means of education or training programmes.

Family Outreach Ghana recognises the importance of education and training in empowering young people and increasing their employability in the increasing complex modern world which is reaching every part of the world, including Africa’s cities.

To try to meet this need, Family Outreach  organises vocational training for young ladies, particularly targeting single mothers. Apart from this, members of Family Outreach Ghana have acted as advocates against child labour and have appeared on television programmes as well as on the radio.

Family Outreach Ghana has also been running a community school for disadvantaged children in Accra.

This school offers free or highly subsidised education for disadvantaged children.

In addition children covered by the programme  learn English which will give them a big advantage in the future and will open many more doors of opportunity to them in the employment world.

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