SIC Life Supports 3 District Schools With Furniture

By William Nlanjerbor Jalulah

1Lack of furniture and proper classroom accommodation remain a major contributory factor to the fallen standard of education in the Upper East Region. These challenges are widespread at the Primary and Junior High schools levels.

In most of these schools, many pupils, through no fault of theirs, are often found in tattered uniforms and lying on their stomachs in their cracks-riddled classrooms throughout school hours.

In a few instances, it takes school management committees, Parent Teacher Associations, corporate entities and individuals to provide support.

In the Bawku-West District, there are many of such deprived schools, just like in other districts.

Among the many deprived schools, the Boya-Kpalsako Primary School was fortunate to have attracted the attention of SIC Life Savings and Loans Company, as it donated 150 dual desks to the school.

Until the gesture, children in the Kindergarten and lower primary sat on some ragged mats, while those in upper primary sat on the bare cold floors of their classrooms to read and write. Broken windows and doors also paved way for the dust and rain water, during rainy season, to engulf the kids.

Though the number of dual desks presented would not be enough to serve all the pupils, the school authorities saw it as a huge change.

Apart from the dual desks, the Boya-Kpalsako Primary School was also among 25 schools that received a total of 5,200 exercise books from SIC Life Savings and Loans Company Limited. The beneficiary schools were drawn from the Bawku-West, Talensi and Nabdam districts.

Mr. Richard Appietu, Managing Director of SIC Life Savings and Loans Company, at a handing over ceremony of dual desks and exercise books at a community gathering at Boya-Kpalsako, commended parents who still continue to encourage their children to attend school, in spite of the challenges.

Said the donation was the company’s way of appreciating the support it has enjoyed from society and its clients in the region.

It was also in response to requests from the leadership of the beneficiary districts for support in the area of education.

“For us at SIC Life Savings and Loans, formal education is very key to the development of the human resource base of this country. It is also one sure way of ensuring that industries, including ours, grow in their levels of productivity and quality outputs, as well as the development of our communities.”

Mr. Appietu noted that education is very important to his outfit, and it would, therefore, support it for the benefit of the citizenry.

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