Sex workers, wee smokers invade Weija Methodist School

Bernice Bessey

Some persons in the Weija community have turned the Weija Methodist School into a palladium of sex and the smoking of substances suspected to Indian hemp (wee).

According to the Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Evans Adom, there was no security in the school, as there were no fence walls, and also most of the walls of the classrooms were half constructed, thereby allowing social miscreants to use them after school hours.

Mr. Adom said the invaders do not only have sex and smoke illegal substances, but also defecate on the floors, and in one instance, someone defecated into the drawer of the teacher’s table.

He said further that these invaders had not only desecrated the place, but also destroyed the chairs and desks, which has compelled the children to sit in pairs instead of one child to one desk.

The lower primary pupils take instruction under a fragile shed, with worn out roofing sheets with holes in them.

The school, the Assistant Headmaster said, does not have a computer or science laboratory and electricity, even though there was power supply to the community.

The school has 10 classrooms, with a pupil population of 850, with the pupils compelled to run the shift system even though it is supposed to have been abolished.

Pix: (left) The condition of the school’s compound. (right) The school structure

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