Selection of MMDCEs caused footsoldiers agitations

From David Allan Paintsil, Cape Coast

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, NDC National Chairman

The Cape Coast Mayor, Mr. Anthony Egyir Aikins, has stated that the agitation of footsoldiers has its roots in the early days of the selection process for the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), where various factions developed.

Speaking to The Chronicle on Wednesday on phone, Mr. Aikins said during the selection period, many people showed interest in the MMDCE positions, and this led to the formation of camps to support their favourite candidates, therefore, a candidate who emerged victorious for any of the MMDCE positions, was likely to face stiff opposition from the others.

He cited an example in Cape Coast, where about 20 people expressed interest in the position, but only six were shortlisted, and finally one was announced, being himself.

Mr. Aikins said apart from that scenario, some other members of the party, who are closely associated to the top echelons, have made it a habit of promising some of the unsuccessful applicants the same positions people occupied, thereby motivating them to hide behind some of the footsoldiers who believe in their cause, to cause troubles for the sitting MMDCEs.

He said while some had been able to bring the various factions and groups together, some had worsened their cases with various unpalatable behaviour and gestures, thereby, causing attracting rampant agitations from the footsoldiers.

He reminded MMDCEs to be guided by the fact that their positions were not permanent, and that they should work together with the people, because the President can at any point in time, relieve of their duties.

His comments have come at a time when some MMDCEs in the country are suffering from mass footsoldiers demonstrations calling for their removal from office for failing to do their bidding.

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