Security services must be politically neutral


By Moses Dautey

Acts of insubordination, if allowed to sip into the system, breeds low morale and eventually disorganise the personnel.
The issue of motivation among security personnel is cardinal, and this is why, in reports, be they situational or intelligence, morale is treated as being of paramount importance.
Promotions and appointments in the security services are based on seniority, and any attempt to short circuit the livewire of the process, instantly disables the system.
Nowadays, what do we see, the top hierarchies of our security services are political appointees, and then danger is spelt.
How do we reverse the trend and maintain the standing order of promotions and appointments on merit.
This is where the CHANGE is put on trial, and it takes a leader with courage to implement such.
The last British Army Officer of the colonial era, General Parley, once told Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ‘Remove the army from politics, and remove politics from the army’.
Fancy that the Ghana Armed Forces and Ghana Police Service are such key establishments that juniors must NEVER be promoted or offered appointments above their seniors due to political loyalty. It is suicidal!
The bad precedent, if permitted, would automatically trickle down to the last private or constable, where discipline is sacrificed to the dogs.
In the services where discipline is undermined as a result of political influence for promotions and appointments, without due regard for merit, personnel down the line are mostly found ‘slack’, due to the bad examples.
Because these appointees or promoted draw their power from the politician, he or she becomes untouchable, and is used as an involuntary agent, sometimes for ‘dirty jobs’.
The period of what became known as ‘Adjutant Soldiers’ was a result of political influence in the recruitments into the Ghana Armed Forces.
Their enlistments took place when the armed forces recruits training school in Kumasi stopped functioning, and units in need of men to beef up strength only wrote to the Records Office and engaged whoever was available.
The politicians took undue advantage and pushed persons who undertook between 4-8 weeks training under Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) at these units.
They eventually became half baked soldiers, hence ‘Adjutant Soldiers’.

The duration for the GAF recruits basic training is 26 weeks.


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