From Samuel Agbewode, Ho

President John Evans Atta Mills

The United Cadres Front of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region has called on President Atta Mills to ensure that his appointees to public positions, who have shown signs of arrogance towards “genuine concerns of party faithful and the public are dealt with drastically.”

The Cadres pointed out that the bad behavior of government appointees towards party people was identified as one of the causes for the defeat of the NDC in 2000, yet some of these appointees are still showing signs of arrogance towards party followers.

The United Cadres Front of the NDC, numbering about 100 from thirteen districts out of the eighteen in the region, made the call in a resolution passed and signed by the Regional Secretary, Mr. Samuel Adablah, after a review meeting held in Ho to deliberate on the performance of the government in the past two years, and the future prospects of the party.

It also deliberated on how the Cadre Group, as one of the oldest groupings within the party, could contribute to ensuring that the party remained in government after 2012.

The Cadres advised the government to put in place effective means of evaluating the works of government appointees, and prevent them from incurring the displeasure of party faithful, as well as the public.

According to the Volta Cadres, the NDC was still repeating serious mistakes that it committed in the past, which allowed its major political opponent to take over power, and that information was not flowing from the central government to the grassroots level about its policies, programmes and achievements, as well as paying attention to the concerns of the party footsoldiers.

The cadres were of the view that the achievements of the government over the past two years were signs that the ‘Better Ghana’ agenda was on track, and had resolved to do all within their power to ensure that the government continued to perform to the expectations of the people, to enable the electorate vote for the NDC for a second term in office.

A Cadre turned an Evangelist, Mathias Cudjoe, who delivered a message on behalf of President Atta Mills, congratulated the cadres for their support for the government, and assured them that the government was hopeful to improve on the economic situation in the country.
He, therefore, encouraged the cadres to continue to work hard for the growth of the party, and success of the government.

Evangelist Cudjoe, who really depicted the religious characteristics of President Mills, quoted the Scripture from John 6:67-68 and said: “Then Jesus said to the twelve, do you also want to go away? But Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go?”

He reminded the cadres that the scripture message was refreshing enough for them to emulate by standing up for the truth, and to remain courageous, humble, dutiful, as well as forgiving, even in the face of the worst persecution.

The Volta Regional Secretary of the United Cadres Front, Mr. Samuel Adablah, urged the cadres to work hard, so as to help influence decisions at all levels, to ensure that the NDC party grew from strength to strength.

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