Re: Counsel sued for pocketing GH¢30,000 refund on property

I have had the privilege of reading the publication in the Wednesday November 17, 2010 edition of your paper at pages 1&3, in which you sought to portray, and did portray, that I have embezzled the sum of GH¢30,000.00 belonging to my clients, and do react to that publication.

I must point out that the case is already in court, and I do not want to be party to interference with the judicial process, which could culminate in contempt of court.

However, I wish to declare that the article is pregnant with blatant inaccuracies and misrepresentations, since the one/those who fed you with the information are only bent on denting my hardwon and well-preserved reputation, in spite of my timely admonition to them to refrain from doing so.

Please, let it be on record that on Friday 12th November 2010, the High Court, presided over by Justice Ababio, dismissed and, or threw out, the application for summary judgement by the so-called attorney of the plaintiffs. As you no doubt know, you had this information before going to press, but decided to publish your article without reference to that information, in order to suit the mischievous agenda of the faceless personalities behind the publication.

The ‘Plaintiffs’ have suffered the first knockout in court, and should be advised to desist from their resort to other avenues which would rather eventually expose them for what they are.

May I kindly demand that your paper apprise itself of the necessary court process for a more informed publication to obviate the danger of unnecessary legal proceedings against your goodself and your employees.

Samuel Ericksson Abakah, Legal Practitioner, Takoradi

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