R. Kelly & 4×4 join

…star studded super group from Africa

By: Jacquilline Bondzi

R Kelly - 4 10 Credit Jim Swafield

The ONE8 artistes have been amped up, living the high life in Chicago, and most importantly, recording what will, no doubt, be one of the world’s hottest singles this holiday season. ‘Hands across the World’ is being released today to radio stations and clubs across Africa and worldwide.

The star-studded gathering of African musical giants has continued to gather mass momentum, with eight of Africa’s rockstar legends putting their star power and talent into the continent’s first super group.

Now, Rockstar4000 and Sony Music Worldwide are proud to announce the last signing to the group, international mega-star R. Kelly, and the release of the group’s first single.

R. Kelly, who was recently joined in the world famous Chicago studios by the members of ONE8, has been a powerful force in R&B worldwide for the past two decades.

Apart from global fame, he has also received numerous awards for some of the most important recordings of our time, as well as outstanding production for many years, making him one of the best-selling urban artistes of all time.

Hits like ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, ‘Bump ‘n Grind’ and ‘Gotham City’ have made him a household name around the world, and his productions with top artistes like Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, LL Cool J and many more have kept him at the top of the charts, and on radio for the duration of his music career.

R. Kelly is excited to be involved in the ONE8 project. Speaking from his studio in Chicago as they put the final touches to the single, he stated: “I love projects like this. As I hear the music of these artistes, and meet them in person, I can feel myself connect. Somehow, I can feel the excitement and adrenaline through them, and then the ideas and everything around this track just comes together. This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever done. I can just feel it in me.”

ONE8 already consists of the finest superstars on the African continent. Born from a simple idea and a small collaboration, the momentum of this project has turned it into a full-blown super-group, already dubbed by fans and media as ‘a music revolution’ and ‘history in the making’.

ONE8 will release, not only the hottest single of the year, but also a full album and DVD later this year.

This long-term project was kicked into high gear when the artistes flew into Chicago late last month to record ‘Hands across the World’ with R. Kelly and his world class production team.

The group also recorded a video and documentary, which will be released shortly.
The final ONE8 line up has been confirmed as follows:

R Kelly – USA, 2Face – Nigeria, Alikiba – Tanzania, Amani – Kenya, Fally Ipupa – DRC, 4X4 – Ghana, JK – Zambia, Movaizhalene – Gabon, and also Navio – Uganda.

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