Prestea residents dialogue on poor roads

By Alfred Adams

Mr. Joe Gidisu, Minister for Roads and Highways (left), Mr. Kwesi Blay, MP for Prestea Hunni-Valley (right)

THE people of Prestea, the famous mining town in the Western Region have organised a stakeholders meeting to brainstorm on how to court mining companies in their locality to aid them in reshaping their roads.

The meeting, which was called by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Francis Kwasi Blay, was attended by community leaders, including chiefs, imams and the entire community. Speaker after speaker underscored the need for the community to do something and not wait for the central government to reshape their roads.

Though they agreed that it was the duty of government to reshape the roads, they could not sit unconcerned for the roads to further deteriorate before the government comes to their aid.

For that reason, they have resolved to organise communal labour and begin to patch the roads which have developed what they described as ‘manholes’.

Other stakeholders also blamed the mining companies for doing nothing, saying it was part of their social responsibilities to repair the roads which had developed potholes.
The stakeholders, who accused the mining companies of dereliction of duty, proposed that when they (stakeholders) eventually reshape the roads through communal labour, they would stop the mining companies from plying on the road.

The MP, who convened the meeting, told the stakeholders that he had lobbied extensively to get the roads reshaped, and added that he had met the mining companies, and they had agreed to contribute to the reshaping of the roads.

He mentioned Prestea Sankofa Gold and Bogoso Gold Limited as two companies which had agreed to support the reshaping of the roads.

He said the mining companies were ready to reshape the road, but was conscious of the fact that road reshaping was not their responsibility, but that of the Ghana Highways.

The MP, who was commended for his initiative, however, added that his next line of action was to help in revamping the Prestea Mortuary.

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