Polluted ‘gutter fish’ on the markets

Bt: Eric Owiredu

A fisherman preparing to cast his net in the garbage-ridden Odawna storm drain

Ghanaians, especially, lovers of fish, have been handed the herculean task of crosschecking the source of their fish, before patronising them. This is mainly due to the unhygienic places where fishing is nowadays conducted.

The photo page has captured some unpatriotic citizens fishing at unhealthy pools, drains and gutters, without thinking of the possible health effects on consumers.

The page noted that after the fishing expeditions of these unscrupulous people, they sell their catch to fish sellers to be smoked or sold fresh to unsuspecting customers.

Fish, which come from these gutters, include the famous tilapia and mud fish.

Beware of the source of fishes that land on your plate for lunch or supper, since they might not be coming from hygienic water bodies!

The picture below shows where fishing is done in the Odawna stream at Caprice–Alajo.

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