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Politicians should not be allowed to rape the state treasury!

Date published: November 7, 2012


The information filtering through that Parliament has approved a huge pay rise for the President, his ministers as well as their aides,  sends a very bad signal to the general public. It informs the body politic that politicians are out there to seek their own welfare and not the good of the country and its people.

At a time the minimum wage is way below GHc4 and the average Ghanaian is wallowing  in abject poverty as a result of years of misdirection from fumbling politicians, it is criminal for the President and his ministers to be paid GHc12,000 and GHc10,000 per month, respectively.

Last month, when the executive decided that Parliamentarians should be paid GHc7,200 per month, The Chronicle thought it was insensitive to the plight of the people. The new pay rise for the President and his ministers at a time bungling officials had aided the rape of the economy by huge payments to the likes of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, Construction Pioneers an d others in dubious judgment debts, clearly establishes the case that the Ghanaian politician only cares about his or her pocket.

We do not believe that the President needs GHc12,000 a month to lead this nation. He has almost everything at his beck and call. His ministers do not have to be paid this king’s ransom either.  This nation cannot afford the luxury of paying fumbling state officials these huge monthly wages when essential services are virtually paralyzed for lack of funding.

When the state has to resort to external borrowings to finance almost everything worthy of promoting to bring relief to the people, it is insensitive to rape the national treasury to rewards a group of people whose activities are responsible for the inability of the society to move forward.

At the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, for instance, 95 percent of its operational  budget is donor- driven.  What this means is that foreigners pay for the provision of water that we drink. Why then do we have to rape the economy to pay GHc10, 000 every month to Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah and hand over GHc8,000 to Dr. Hannah Bissiw, for instance,  in addition to packaging the difference between the new wage and the GHc3,500 or so every month they were taking, for the past four years  and hand them over to them.

What The Chronicle finds even more preposterous is the idea of giving ministers, their deputies as well as 230 Parliamentarians four years back-pay, when the ordinary worker has never ever been given a one-year back pay in the history of making this society work.

The last time we checked, the ruling National Democratic Congress was advertising itself as a social democratic political party. In essence, officials are in politics to promote the good of the ordinary people of this nation. We know for a fact that no one put the gun to the heads of its officials to accept to lead this impoverished society. This nation cannot afford these fat-cat  pay rise for politicians.

If officials go ahead and implement the new pay policy for these fumbling politicians, it would pave the way for labour unrests that could not be controlled.

In any case, these politicians who have driven this society to the ground, do not deserve to be handed such gargantuan payments when the rest of society wallow in poverty. In our opinion, the little left in the kitty should be used to improve the running of essential services like the provision of water, health and educating the Ghanaian child.

The nation cannot afford these huge pay rises. The President and his ministers cannot be rewarded for running this country to the ground. Politicians should not be allowed to rape the state treasury!


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