Pedestrian zebra crossing markings fading

By: Naa Betty Mingle & Erica Kwapong

It is a pity to note that the zebra crossing markings on our roads to aid pedestrians in crossing the roads are gradually wiping off, making the pedestrian’s use of our roads very difficult.

Pedestrians find it difficult when crossing at the designated zebra crossings, because drivers do not pay attention to them, claiming that because the markings had faded they usually did not notice them in time to stop.

The Accra File witnessed a situation at the Ring Road, where a woman was nearly killed by a vehicle while using the zebra crossing, due to the fact that the markings had faded, claimed the driver of the vehicle.

But, others intentionally disregard the zebra crossings and other road signs.

The zebra crossing is a part of the road marked for use by pedestrians in crossing the road. It is also a sign to drivers to stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road, which is mandatory.

Thus the zebra crossing, but drivers, especially, the commercial ones, do not even bother, instead speed along the roads.

Some pedestrians also do not obey the regulation about using the zebra crossings, and arbitrarily and indiscriminately cross the roads, sometimes haphazardly at a risk to their lives.
Pix: (right) A faded zebra crossing on one of the city’s roads

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