Oguaa residents defecate in classrooms

…as frustrated pupils go on demonstration

From David Allan Paintsil, Cape Coast

Anthony Egyir Aikins, Mayor of Cape Coast

Pupils of the St. Lawrence Catholic Basic School in Abura, a suburb of Cape Coast, on Monday embarked on a peaceful demonstration to protest against rampant defecation in their classrooms, situated near the Abura Main Lorry Station.

The pupils started from the school’s premises, straight to the Palace of the Abura Chief, Nana Kodwo Addae II, where they met the linguist, who took their petition and promised to deliver it to Nana, who was then out of town.

Their demonstration was brought about due to the fact that for the past three years, the teachers and students have had to put up with the behaviour of some residents, who intentionally defecate in the classrooms at night.

This has been protested against by Mr. Joseph Kingsley Akwaboa and Ms. Paulina Korsah, both Junior High School (JHS) B and JHS A headteachers respectively, to the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA) and the Catholic Education Unit.

The last straw which broke camel’s back was the witnessing of unprecedented defecation on Monday morning, where three sets of faeces were seen in three different classrooms, JHS1, JHS2 and JHS3, and outside the classrooms, bringing about an unbearable stench hovering over the school.

Speaking to The Chronicle after the demonstration, Mr. Joseph Kingsley Akwaboa said the situation was unbearable, and that he could not understand why some residents had taken to the habit of defecating in the school, especially the classrooms.

He said an uncompleted building in the school was now serving as a den for those unscrupulous people to perpetuate their negative acts.

Mr. Akwaboa said at certain point in time, the pupils had to be sent home due to the defecation.

He said in the face of these challenges, the 30 teachers and over 1,000 pupils had put in their best of efforts, resulting in the attainment of aggregate 10 in the recent Basic Entrance Certificate Examinations (BECE) results, while the school scored 82% overall in score.

When contacted on phone, the Cape Coast Mayor, Anthony Egyir Aikins, said he was aware of the problem, and impressed upon opinion leaders in the town to cause the arrest of those miscreants in society who were bent on derailing the gains the school was making academically.

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