…Accuse him of breaking social contract with Ghanaians

Linda Akrasi Kotey

President Atta Mills (left), Mr. Osei-Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, Minority leader (right)

Barely 24 hours after dropping his first political bomb in 2011, resulting in the exit of two cabinet Ministers from his government, which has been described as ‘musical chairs’ by the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the Minority side in Parliament have also turned the heat on President Mills himself, accusing him of breaking the social contract he signed with the people of Ghana.

According to the NPP parliamentarians, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in its 2008 campaign and manifesto, promised Ghanaians that it would drastically reduce the prices of petroleum products if voted into office, and that the recent hikes in fuel prices constitute a breach of the promise the NDC made with Ghanaians.

Addressing the press yesterday on the recent fuel price increases by the government, the Minority Spokesperson on Energy, Mr. Joseph Kofi Adda, noted: “The NDC has demonstrated by the recent fuel increase that it has failed as a government to keep its promise, and thereby broken the social contract which it entered into with Ghanaians in 2009.”
He further noted that after two long years of hardships, the President and his government had still not come to terms with the fact that the social and economic conditions of Ghanaians continue to deteriorate, as was reflected in the Christmas festive season, which went down as a historically sad one, devoid of any joy and excitement.

“If this is indeed, the way to start an action year, then Ghanaians should expect the worse yet to come,” he noted.

The Minority Spokesman further noted that the inability of the NDC government to properly manage the economy and bring relief to Ghanaians, was indicative of the fact that they came to power through politics of deceit, propaganda, and blatant lies
The Minority explained that over the past two years, the NDC had not demonstrated to the citizens of this country that it has ideas to help this nation grow.

They explained that assessing the period of the NDC government in power, there has not been any creative policy initiative that seeks to add value to what was left behind by the NPP administration.

“Instead, all we see in this NDC administration is on one hand a continuation of the policies and programmes of the NPP government, while on the other, a worsening situation of hardships rooted in high taxes and increasing prices of commodities such as petroleum products, as well as vital services like utilities.”

He mentioned that looking at the prevailing circumstances, they are compelled to say that President Atta Mills has led a team of politicians whose trade and stock is to deceive people through vile propaganda, and in that process destroy the hard-earned reputations of successful professionals who have made it in life through sheer hard work.

He recalled the days of the NPP administration when the government resolved not to pass on any further price increases to consumers if world prices of crude oil were to go beyond US$120 per barrel.

“But today, with world prices of petrol only in the $80 per barrel range, the NDC administration is quick to point to global increases in petroleum prices as one of the reasons for this recent increase.”

Mr. Adda recalled the open attacks on the NPP administration by the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) and other similar organisations, because they thought the prices of petroleum products were too high, and thus questioned where those organisations are, now that prices are hitting the roof.

“CJA, what are you doing about it now? Are you going to demonstrate across the country against the Prof. Atta Mills NDC government, or have you been bought by the NDC, or like the NDC leaders, you are also simply not men of honour? Let us hear your side on this matter,” he queried.

He was confident that Ghanaians were very intelligent and discerning, and, therefore, would be able to decide, come 2012, when the time is up to vote for a new government. “We wish, for the avoidance of doubt, to alert Ghanaians that it is the NDC’s desire to continue these harsh policies of increasing tariffs, taxes and prices until election year 2012, when they will attempt then, to reduce them under various reasons,” he noted.

“We, very strongly, urge you not to allow yourselves to be deceived again when the time comes. We would be suffering for three years, and then be deceived in only one year with cosmetic reductions.”

The ranking member called on Ghanaians to judge the NDC by its deeds, and not its words and propaganda, and urged all Ghanaians to demand of Prof. Mills and the NDC what they promised them in 2008.

He said that the NDC and their apologists should note that integrity, honesty and transparency are not descriptive of people who double-speak, for “Ghanaians have seen through deceit, propaganda and bare face liars.”

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