New Wave Revival Mission School should be checked

By: Bernice Bessey

Pix: The side view of the Church School, with the children’s playing ground close to the open drain. Pix by Eric Owiredu

The authorities in charge of child welfare, especially, the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare, Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) must check the operations of the New Wave Revival Mission School.

The school is located beside a wide open drain at Banana Inn, a suburb of Accra, and the worst of the part of the problem is that the children’s playground is even more close to the drain, with no protective fencing between the children and the drain.

Children are curious about their environment, and in so doing end up in damaging things or hurting themselves, so being exposed to this danger does not bode well for them.
Although the drain has been constructed, there is no guarantee that it cannot overflow to flood the area, and should that happen the lives of these young souls would be at the mercy of a disaster.

When the Accra File contacted the Headmistress, who gave her name as Alice, said that fencing would be provided for the school, and that at the time the school was established, the drain was not that big.

The File interviewed some nearby residents, who expressed their dissatisfaction with where the school was located, especially, the play ground.

This, however, calls to mind the criteria for setting up schools, because the file has observed that some of these schools have structures that are not fir for human habitation, how much more to be used as a school.

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