New sub-Chief out-doored for Tefle

…As Togbe Adomtsri VI outlines development plans

By Samuel Agbewode

Togbe Afede - President, Volta Regional House of Chiefs

The Awafiaga (Chief Warlord ) of the Tefle traditional area in the South Tongu District, Togbe Gbor V, has stressed the need for the people of the area to unite for the accelerated development of the area, because litigation and the pull him down attitudes would only deprive them of the relevant development.

Togbe Gbor said it was unfortunate that some of the people in the area had shown high interests in trivia issues that could be addressed through dialogue, and called for a change in the attitude of the people, to help set a new agenda that would mobilise both human and material resources to develop the Tefle area.

The Awafia of the Tefle traditional area said this after a new sub-Warlord for Tefle, Togbe Adomtsri VI, swore before him to remain loyal and committed to playing his role as a sub-warlord, who would be ready to support the Chief Warlord to defend and protect the Tefle traditional area, in times of difficulties.

Togbe Gbor urged the new Chief to be sincere, fair, and just in handling any case that would be brought before him, because the moment he failed as a chief to exhibit these qualities, the trust and confidence the people had in them, as chiefs, would be eroded.

The new Chief, Togbe Adomtsri VI, commended the kingmakers for the confidence they had in him, and promised not to disappoint the people, noting that there was the need to cooperate with him in the execution of the traditional role of a chief.

Togbe Adomtsri observed that in modern times, there was no war that would engage him, but the common enemies of society which ought to be fought, were poverty, ignorance, and disease, and promised to help promote development in the area through the strategic implementation of viable programmes for the people.

The new Chief announced his intention to liaise with investors to explore opportunities in the Tefle area, in areas as agriculture, to help create jobs for the youth, and other viable projects that would help the youth engage in profitable business ventures that could help create wealth for the people, and reduce poverty.

Togb Adomtsri said he would also deal with issues of environmental protection and sanitation, to protect the vegetation and keep the environment clean, because it was a general knowledge that when the people were in good health, it would enhance productivity.

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