Neoplan Station drivers call for more entrance, exits

…to solve chaotic traffic situation at Nkrumah Circle

By Naa Betty Mingle & Dora Asare

It is almost impossible driving through the Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Kaneshie due to the reason that there is only one entrance and exit for the Neoplan Station situated at the Nkrumah Circle, which is creating a terrible traffic jam.

It is very sad to note that one could spend about one to two hours at that particular point, especially during the rush hours.

The situation is brought about by vehicles entering and leaving the station, while others park on the road and its shoulders, narrowing the road and compounding the heavy traffic situation.

This, for many years, has been a nightmare of motorists who use that road daily, as sometimes a driver would stop behind a vehicle, only to find out after waiting a while that the vehicle is parked and waiting to enter the station.

This develops into a traffic jam with its resultant chaos.

Another development is about pedestrians ignoring the pedestrian lights and crossing the road with careless abandon, and very little regard for their safety.

Some impatient passengers also take undue advantage and demand to alight during the confusion, disregarding the danger to their lives by alighting in the middle of the street.
In an interview of Mr. John Tetteh, Secretary to the Chairman of the Neoplan Drivers Union No. 4 at the Neoplan Station, he agreed that there should be more entrances and exits at the station.

He also said there was the need to prune and streamline the number of vehicle operating at the station, and where possible the smaller (mini buses) should be relocated elsewhere.

He therefore, urged the government to source funding to upgrade the station, adding “These things should be put into consideration, especially, in the budget.”
He stressed that there was the need to educate the public on the proper use of traffic and pedestrian lights.

In an interview with some of the station drivers on the situation, they noted that this problem had been at hand for a very long time, and had found nothing wrong with it.

Some also noted that most of the problems were also caused by the station masters, because every now and then, they bring new vehicles into the station, even though they are fully aware that the place is already past its capacity.

Others said at times the police come there to enforce the traffic regulations, which brings about a sort of temporary calm.

Some drivers also complained about indiscipline by some of their colleagues, stressing that there was no respect for authority at the station, with everyone doing as they pleased, and if one tries to talk about it, that person would probably get a beating.

The Accra File is therefore calling on the authorities to find mechanisms to arrest the situation, and alleviate the plight of motorists who have to use that road.

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