Millennium City dream on course but…

By: Naa Betty Nelson

Accra soon to become a Millennium city

The target of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to turn Accra into a ‘Millennium City’ seems to be yielding results, but needs more concerted efforts to push the agenda through.

The Accra File’s observation around some streets of Accra has revealed that certain streets are being kept tidy with Zoomlion Ghana Company championing that cause, while most of the major roads are being re-constructed.

Another observation made by the file is the gradual extinction of the phenomenon where school children loiter on the streets of the city, under the pretext of the now defunct shift school system.

The elimination of the shift school system by the AMA now enables children within the metropolis to have full eight hours classes.

The springing up of world class shopping malls in the city adds to the quest of turning the Accra into a Millennium City.

Additionally, most hawkers, who sell along the streets, have been driven away by the AMA’s taskforce, and are now in the shopping malls. At least, one could walk freely along some pavements of Accra, since the taskforce has restricted the hawkers from the streets.

It has also been noted that rubbish bins have also been made available along most of the streets to enable pedestrians put their rubbish in them when walking.

One could also move about freely along most pavements due to the demolition exercises that were undertaken by the city authorities to free the streets.

But, aside these efforts, there is still more to be done, the need for the relocation of the disposal of the metabolic waste zone at Korle-Gonno, which is referred to as ‘Lavender Hill’.
Recently, the Mayor of Accra, Dr. Alfred Vanderpuije, said he would one of these days decongest the zone, and relocate it to a more convenient area, where it would not cause any health hazards, especially, for the metro schools around.

The file has also realised that there was also the need to check traders doing business along the pavements in the evenings, especially, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. This act is making movement on the pavements almost impossible in the evenings.

Different types of items are being sold on the pavements, including fried plantain just on the shoulders of the street.

One could easily be pushed in to hot oil on the fire, since there is not enough space to allow pedestrians to use the pavement.

The Accra File is therefore, calling on the task force to extend its exercise to that area, especially in the evenings, since it all counts in making Accra a Millennium City.

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