Mental patient commits suicide

From William N-lanjerborr Jalulah, Bolga-Soe

The lifeless body of Nsorbila Nyaaba

THE BODY of a twenty-three-year old man, allegedly suffering from mental impairment, has been found in a decomposed state, hanging at Soe, a village in the Bolga municipality, last Saturday.

Residents of the adjoining communities, including Bongo-Soe and Yorogo, who gathered at the scene, wondered what could have led a young man like Nsorbila Nyaaba to take his life, until the police preliminary investigations revealed that he suffered from a mental impairment.

Though the scene of the incident was close to a path frequently used by the dwellers of Bongo-Soe, residents in the area claimed they did not see the body until some children reported it on Saturday, November 6.

Chief Inspector Thomas Agbanyo, Regional Police Public Relations Officer, who confirmed the incident, said there was no autopsy on the body, because the police did not suspect any foul play, explaining that the family of the deceased had confirmed the mental state of Nsorbila.

He narrated that Nsorbila was brought from Tema by a relative with his mental problem. On arrival in Bolgatanga, the deceased disappeared.

Mr. Agbanyo said search for Nsorbila did not come on until Saturday, when his body was found hanging in a decomposed state.

Identification of the deceased was made easy through a Voter’s ID card found in his blue jeans. Some amount of money was also found on him.

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