Meet Nicholas Nyarko: The tireless, hardworking Assembly Member for Apowa

By Alfred Adams

The district level elections, which are scheduled for December 28, this year, would be strongly contested by candidates who have put forward their names for their respective electoral areas.

Over the last four years that the elected assembly members have been in office, they have been concerned with lobbying their various assemblies to bring development to their electoral areas. One of such assembly members is Nicholas Kwame Neizer Nyarko, Assembly Member for the Apowa Tukuru electoral area.

The achievements of this humble and energetic Assembly Member are unparallelled.
This came to light when the Western File toured his electoral area, and came face to face with the number of developmental projects the Assembly Member had lobbied for, and which had benefited the whole community.

The Assembly Member has through communal labour managed to clear a pile of refuse near the cemetery, and in the process, constructed a refuse dump site.

He consequently supplied Zoomlion bins to interested households. Again, the Entia toilet facility, which was closed for over four years, had now been re-opened through the instrumentality of the Assembly Member.

What is more, the instrumentality of the Assembly Member had led to the whole Apowa community becoming a beneficiary of the Ghacem Foundation. What this means is that the Ghacem Foundation is going to adopt the only clinic in the area.

This new development comes after the Assembly Member purchased a 10-gallon water container to supply the clinic with water on Saturdays.

Speaking in an exclusives interview with the Assembly Member to highlight his achievements, Nicholas Nyarko, who is seeking for re-election, told this file that he was seeking re-election on account of his good works.

He added that his good works were boldly written on the walls for the electorate to see, and therefore, was counting on them as his trump card.

Continuing, the Assembly Member, who is nicknamed ‘Yebosondo,’ told the Western File that when he realised that the 10 gallons of water was inadequate, he contacted a rural bank in the district, and it provided a big Polytank to serve the clinic.

He also provided tables and chairs for the staff of the clinic after the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme. In the process, he registered ten aged persons, who were currently on the scheme.

He also buys three crates of soft drinks to distribute to the aged every Christmas.

One of the achievements of the Assembly Member, the Western File recollects, was how he petitioned the Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, and which was published, to compel a mining company in Tarkwa to reconstruct a pavement it had destroyed in his electoral area.

The case also went to the Ghana Highways Authority, but has since yielded no results.

Nicholas Kwame Neizer Nyarko wants the electorate to vote for him, because he says he is approachable and dynamic.

What is more, he is friendly, hardworking, and has the welfare of the aged and the youth at heart. An elder of the town, who spoke to this file, confirmed the good works of the Assembly Member, saying, “this Assembly man has been very inspirational and unparalleled.”

Pix: (left) Nicholas Nyarko standing by one of the taps he had repaired

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