Mataheko residents complain over uncollected demolition debris

By: Bernice Bessey

The Accra File has noted that the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has left huge amount of debris over a gutter along the main road in Mataheko for over three weeks, after demolishing unauthorised structures in the area.

Some residents the file interviewed said they were surprised at the AMA leaving debris there for weeks without any sign of clearing it.

One of the residents named Kwasi Agyei told the file that if the city authorities demolish a structure and leave the debris uncollected, then it is better the structures are left untouched.

He cautioned that the AMA should not wait for a disaster to occur before they act accordingly, since more often than not, the occurrence of floods in the metropolis and some parts of the country are attributed to choked gutters and unauthorised structures blocking water ways.

He appealed to the authorities that the debris be collected on time to avoid a disaster, and also allow the unimpeded movement pedestrians.

Just recently, some parts of Dansoman and neighbouring Mataheko were hit by floods, which had the National Disaster Management Organisation (NDMO) coming to the rescue of the affected persons.

Although the floods did not claim any life, properties worth millions were destroyed, with many people temporarily rendered homeless.

Since this is not the first time a disaster of such nature had occurred in the metropolis, the AMA launched an attack on unauthorised structures and buildings on water-ways.
However, failure to collect the debris after the demolitions has rather compounded the problems the authorities are trying to solve.

This means that floods should not only be blamed on unauthorised structures and buildings on water-ways, but also on debris created and left behind by the AMA demolition exercises.

Although kiosks and containers deform the beauty and shape of the city, since most of the occupants discriminately defecate and dump refuse in gutters, the right approach must be adopted to address such issues.

The file, however, supports any act by the authorities to bring sanity into the city to improve the living conditions of its dwellers, and make it attractive to the outside world.

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