Mamprobi residents complain over rubbish heap

By: Naa Betty Mingle& Erica Kwapong

Pix:The rubbish container at Mamprobi with its overflowing garbage

Residents in the vicinity of the Mamprobi Girl’s School have expressed their concern over waste which is piled around the public toilet in the area when the container is left unattended when full by the waste management company responsible.

The residents complained that this behavior had not only resulted in the piling up of garbage, but also in their various homes, resulting in a terrible stench permeating the area.

In an interview with the Accra File Auntie Akweley, a resident, said, “The Liberty Waste Management has provided waste bins in our houses, which are left for almost two weeks before being disposed of,” adding, “We sometimes have to leave it in our houses, because we have no option, since the disposing points are already heaped up, and this is very unhealthy.”

Most of the residents described this practice as absurd, because they claimed the waste management company was to ensure absolute sanitation in the communities, but it was doing otherwise.

Naa Adoley, also a resident, said, “This problem has been going on for a long time, but it is now becoming worse, and the waste persons responsible for this area, do not do anything whenever we complain to them.”

Another resident, Ataa Kpakpo, stressed, “The government has to do something about it, because if these waste managements take their monthly salaries, then I don’t see the reason why they have to delay in disposing off the rubbish,” adding that these can cause certain sicknesses, especially, for people with kids at home.

Meanwhile, other residents in different neighbourhoods in Mamprobi praised their waste management company, Zoomlion Company Limited, for good work, noting that for their vicinity the problem was not much, so Zoomlion must attend to the other vicinities, because each vicinity counts in making Accra a Millennium City.

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