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Letter To Andrew Solomon

Date published: February 18, 2013

By I. K .Gyasi

DEAR ANDREW Solomon, I greet you in the name of God who created us all.

Honestly, I am trying hard to determine how to address you. You see, I am sure that your heterosexual parents gave you the name Andrew Solomon, because their own visual evidence, and the report by doctors clearly convinced them that you were a human male child.

However, you begin with your article in the NEW YORK TIMES of Saturday, February 9, 2013, thus, “When my husband-to-be and I met the Ghanaian politician John Dramani Mahama at a friend’s wedding near Accra eight years ago, I liked him immediately”.

What? “Husband-to-be”? Well, I hear that you are a homosexual in a “marriage’’ in which you are the “wife” while your “husband” is one Mr. John Habich.

I also hear that you have adopted a little boy who is clearly a product of heterosexual relationship. You write of a “household of a joyful family with two dads.” What a wonderful family where the son has two fathers. It must be a miracle indeed!

Anyway, I am happy that it has been possible for you and Mr. John Habich to have a “household of a joyful family”, because of the presence of the product of a heterosexual union. You see, even if God gave you and Mr. Habich a thousand strong years to live together, the very barrenness of your so-called “marriage” would never result in the production of a child.

You write, “The situation of gay people in most of Africa is deplorable, and the double talk from the Ghanaian administration has done little to assuage valid concerns.”

I like the bit about the “double talk from the Ghanaian administration.” A Minister of Information and Media Relations categorically debunked the story of President Mahama’s close, long-term association with this gay High Priest, Crusader and Evangelist called Andrew Solomon.

The President quickly apologises to this High Priest, and the denial story is itself denied. That is, indeed, double talk of the highest order.

Perhaps the Minister of Information and Media Relations, Mr. Mahama Ayariga, could not imagine how his President, a man in heterosexual relationship with a woman as his wife, could ever be remotely associated with homosexuals.

I also like the bit about the situation of gay people in most of Africa being deplorable. That should tell Andrew Solomon that, even if homosexuality is not “an import from the decadent West,” people in Africa draw the line somewhere when it comes to homosexuality.

Yes, Andrew Solomon (or is it Mrs. Andrew Habich?), every human society draws the line somewhere when it comes to the behaviour of its members.

For example, some of our laws (Islamic law and traditional customary law) permit polygamy, and no one can be prosecuted and jailed for marrying more than one wife under those laws.

Does your country, the United States of America, permit polygamy? Don’t you jail people for bigamy? Do you find polygamy offensive and unnatural, then?

Your country tormented Black American actor Paul Robeson for his sympathetic views towards communism. Your country even took away his passport, so that he could not travel, though it was later returned to him. Even today, can a communist ever be allowed to become the President of the United States, or even to hold certain offices in the United States?

You write, “At the Jaipul Literature Festival last month, the ‘gay panel’ attracted more than one thousand people who complained of the hideous prejudice they face in India…’’

So it is not only in Africa that the condition of gays is deplorable. Look, I am not in support of any persecution of gays. In fact, I have stated in an article that I want to understand why normal male would prefer to push his penis into the faeces-filled rectum of another male.

I want to know if there are any pathological or congenital, economic, social, etc. causes. But I refuse to uphold or glorify a practice which I do not understand.

You write, “In Ghana, the articles that attacked President Mahama for knowing me referenced ‘the raging national debate on gay, about whether to lynch us is meaningful progress.”

You continue, “That there is such a debate -even if it’s a debate about whether to lynch us- is meaningful progress.”

Mr. Andrew Solomon, or Mrs. Andrew Habich, some of us deeply resent your defamatory imputation that homosexuality debate is all about whether homosexuals should be killed or not.

Whatever you think of us, spare us the picture you paint of a savage people, lacking all understanding. Very intelligent people and influential organisations opposing homosexuality have not said that homosexuals must be killed.

Whatever you think we are, we have not descended to the level of your white-supremacist, Black-hating and murderous Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a body with a record of lynching even Black soldiers in uniform, and other Black people whose only offence was that they had had consensual sex with white women, or even looked at a white woman.

Finally, you write, “I hope that President Mahama will seize this occasion to take a leadership role in the region on LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and the Transgendered) rights.

You have challenged your very good friend of eight years, President John Dramani Mahama, to pick up the flag of homosexuality and become your Disciple, Evangelist and Crusader in the West Africa sub-region, or even in the whole of Africa.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government of John Agyekum Kufuor prevented homosexuals from holding a conference here. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of the late Professor John Atta Mills boldly told off Mr. David Cameron, British Prime Minister, when he (Cameron) threatened to withhold aid to any country that did not welcome homosexuals with open arms.

You, Andrew Solomon, think that homosexuals can have better luck with President Mahama, the man who constantly proclaimed during the election campaign that he was the political son of Professor Mills. You must have seen something the rest of us do not know about. We wait to see if our President will take up your call.

Meanwhile, I am also planning to mount a crusade to defend the rights of those who engage in bestiality, that is, sexual intercourse with an animal. That is their sexual orientation or preference. As long as they do it away from human eyes that is O.K. isn’t it?

I will also crusade for the rights of fathers to have sexual intercourse with their grown-up daughters. Brothers and sisters should also be allowed the same rights.

I will fight for necrophiles, that is, those people who are sexually or erotically attracted to corpses. Let there be sexual freedom in which sons have sexual intercourse with their mothers, sons-in-law with their mothers-in-law, etc. In short, away with all the laws on incest. Sexual freedom for all. Hurray!


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