Let there be peace in NDC

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, NDC National Chairman

A new pressure group, made up of persons sympathetic to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), and who describe themselves as “professionals committed to the strengthening of the base of the party, by forging unity among the youth of the party,” has been formed.

The Group, known as The Olive Branch, will activate a number of interventions, including fora aimed at uniting the ranks and grassroots support base of the party, as part of a strategy aimed at galvanising the youth to focus on the ideals of the NDC in developing the nation, and at demanding unity and peace from the elderly ones in the NDC.

It will also create platforms for sensitive, yet development-oriented discussions and debates among the party structures, and with other political representatives, in order to breed healthy political debates among the citizenry.

The group has, in its first public act, as a matter of urgency, humbly requested audience with the Council of Elders of the NDC, to acquaint themselves with the role the Council has played, or is playing in bridging the seemingly widening gap between the former first family and President John Evans Atta Mills, in order to ensure harmony, peaceful coexistence, and the development of the party.

Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, an Attorney-at-Law and a member of the group, who signed the statement, explained that their appeal to the Council of Elders was premised on their belief that the issues, which may be underpinning the reported disagreements, were matters that border on the development of the country.

“Our vision is simple. To use the voice of the youth to unite the NDC party, by using any means legitimate and peaceable to consolidate power, in a bid to ensure that that the ideals of the NDC are applied to achieve optimum development for the country,” Mr. Dafeamekpor said.

He further stated, “Ex-President Rawlings’ interest is in lifting our people from the doldrums where our political opponents stashed them, and he appears unhappy about the pace of doing things. The man in charge, and reviewing daily, the country’s situation, President Mills, despite holding the same interest as Ex-President Rawlings, is clearly working to resolve the nagging issues, including bringing justice to persons who have been denied that for so long.”

The statement encouraged, especially, the young followers of the party that have taken to insults and writing derogatory articles about people, “including many who are our father’s age,” to desist from that practice.

Mr. Dafeamekpor further stated, “It will take the youth of the party to unite the party. The elders have tried, but the cracks seem to be widening. We, the youth, recognise that the years ahead belong to us. Any destruction of the party will hit us the hardest. We will not sit and wait for that time to come. We will use all legitimate means to ensure that the party that is bequeathed to us is one of unity, peace, and stability that will breed the required development.

“We call on the youth of the NDC to rally around us to send a strong signal to our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers that we love and respect them, and expect them to show us the way. They are the ones who taught us that a house divided cannot stand. They are the ones who taught us that one broomstick can easily be broken, but a bunch of broomsticks is difficult to break. They are the ones who taught us that we can agree to disagree in a democratic state. We rise to remind them of these teachings that they imparted to us, and to reiterate that actions, indeed, speak louder than words.”

The statement confirmed that a letter had already been dispatched to the Council of Elders, and they were looking forward to meeting with them to push forward their case.
The statement also welcomed willing and concerned young professionals from the NDC family to join them in the quest for peace, unity & development.

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