Labour C’ssion/POTAG case to be withdrawn?

Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah, Minister of Employment and Social Welfare

There are indications that the current legal tussle between the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG) and the National Labour Commission may end before the case is heard on Friday.

According to Citi News sources the National Labour Commission may consider withdrawing the case out of court should POTAG put in such a proposal.

The Commission is expected to meet on Wednesday November 10 and Citi News sources say the decision to withdraw the case from court could be taken if POTAG’s proposal is put forward immediatel.

POTAG says it has no problem with settling the case out of court. Speaking to Citi FM, the general secretary of the association, Anthony Ayarkwah said Rectors of Polytechnics have already made a similar proposal some weeks ago.

He says POTAG members are not just interested in getting the case out of court but hoping that negotiations will resume for their concerns to be looked at again.

He however warned that withdrawing the case from court without addressing the main concerns of the Association, their conditions of service, would only prolong the strike.

“What POTAG has always been canvassing for is the fact that our conditions of service needs to be discussed, without any politics. If POTAG is given the platform to discuss the conditions and negotiate and come out with an MOU, we don’t mind if the case is brought out of court. If we are going to bring it out of court only to instruct POTAG to go back to the classroom then we will have a problem there.

“POTAG would only be willing, accepting the condition of bringing it out of court if it would not be just to instruct POTAG to go back to the classroom without the condition of service being discussed,” he said.


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