By Bismark Bebli

FLASHBACK: President Mills in a handshake with Konadu during the NDC congress early this year

Mr. Kofi Adams, the controversial spokesman for former President Jerry John Rawlings, has told The Chronicle that his boss cannot stop his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, from contesting the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential primary.
According to him, contrary to media reports, Mr. Rawlings never stated in Tamale that his wife was not interested in the presidency.
“What he said was that they are not interested in controlling the presidency. He does not want to control President Mills, not at all, as it is being suggested. What he is doing is to help the government and the NDC,” he said in an interview with The Chronicle yesterday.
Asked whether Mrs. Konadu would respond to the call by the Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR) to contest President Mills, he stated, “We have not gotten to that yet. What we are talking about is today.”
Explaining why his boss continues to attack government officials, describing them as ‘greedy bastards,” he said Mr. Rawlings was not referring to known party officials who toiled for the survival of the party, but rather those who were nowhere when the party was in opposition, and had now emerged trying to control affairs.
According to him, such individuals would go into hiding when the party goes back to opposition, hence his criticisms.
“It is true that in politics numbers matter, but it is good numbers that matter. There are some who do not come to add anything to the party, but rather to destroy what has been built, and that was what Mr. Rawlings was talking about.”
Kofi Adams, who is also a Deputy General Secretary of the ruling NDC, denied that Mr. Rawlings had not seen anything good in President Mills.
“Yes, he recognises that the government has done well in the management of the economy.”
Speaking during separate courtesy calls on the Regent of Gukpegu, the Dakpema of Tamale and the Kumbugu Na recently, former President Rawlings was quoted as saying that some people in government had become so intoxicated with power that they were trying to destroy he and his wife.
“Some of our brothers, who should know better, are crawling through the night spreading poison about my wife and myself. I find it most unfortunate, and very disappointing.
As if that was not enough, now they want to take the poison to another level, by creating the impression as if Rawlings is for the Andani family, and they are for the Abudu family. I am sorry this is very poisonous. We should not allow this flame to grow. We should kill it.”

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