Kombian was aided to escape

By Helena Selby

Johnson Kombian

It has come to the notice of an Accra Circuit court that the fugitive Johnson Kombian, who allegedly broke jail from the Tamale prisons, was aided by someone (identity withheld).

The Principal State Attorney further informed the court, presided over by Mr. Eric Kyei Bafour, that Kombian, who was serving a-five-year jail term at the Tamale Prison before his escape, was emphatic on pin-pointing the said person who helped him escape from the Tamale Prisons.

The state prosecutor revealed this when he arraigned the alleged jailbreaker, Johnson Kombian alias Burger, before the court on a charge of escape from lawful custody.

The plea of the accused person, who was escorted by scores of armed policemen, was not taken, but the court remanded him into prison custody, to re-appear before the court on December 8, 2010, as his counsel, Mr. George Asamani, did not oppose the incarceration of his client.

Mr. Asamani only pleaded with the court to order that Johnson Kombian be given medical attention, following a bullet wound he sustained when he was arrested from Togo by Interpol.
The accused person, who was hit by a bullet on his arm, created a scene in the court room and premises, as he groaned intensely with pain.

He was held sided by side by police officers to aid him to make his way to and from the court room, as a result of the gunshot wound he sustained.

The severity of his pain resulted in the court ordering that the accused person be sent to the hospital for treatment, to enable him have good health, while he stands trial. Narrating the facts of the case before the court, Mr. Anthony Rexford Wiredu, Principal State Attorney indicated that during the early part of January 2010, the accused person was convicted and sentenced to five years jail term by a Tamale circuit court, for the offence of escaping from the Gamabaga Prisons.

According to him the accused person, who was also facing several high profile cases such as robbery, attempted murder, possessing firearms without authority, and escaping from lawful custody, was subsequently handed over to the prisons authorities in Tamale to commence the sentence. He said on January 15, 2010, at about 7:20 a.m., DSP Peter Nabb, Operations Officer in charge of the Tamale Central Prisons, detected that the accused person was nowhere to be found in the prison, and as such, reported the disappearance of the accused person to the Regional CID.

“On the receipt of the complaint, some detectives from Tamale Regional CID visited the prison yard. Upon inspection, it was observed that the ventilation hole, made up of a metal mesh in cell A, where the accused person escaped from, was found broken, and the debris of the wall packed in the cell. The leg iron which was used to anchor the accused person was found open, but there was no physical damage to indicate that the accused person forced it open,” the prosecutor told the court.

He mentioned that none of the prison officers on duty during the escape was able to tell the police how the leg iron was opened, adding that further investigation in the prisons yard disclosed that the blanket which was on the accused person was found hanging on a razor wire, which was used as security fencing on the top of the outer wall of the prison yard near the infirmary.

The principal state attorney further stated that the security fencing at the location where the accused person escaped was not disturbed, however, the daily journal at the Tamale Central Prison indicated that the prison officers on duty at the time of escape visited the cell at 11:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. respectively, and found the accused person in custody.

He said during investigation, all the prison officers who were on duty were interrogated, but they all denied knowledge of the escape.

The prosecutor pointed out that on November 21, 2010, the accused person was handed over to the CID headquarters, after he was arrested in Togo. “On interrogation, he admitted escaping from lawful custody, and further mentioned that he was aided by someone who he can identify. According to him, the said person provided him with a knife and handcuffs key, which aided him to escape,” the prosecutor indicated.

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