Internet for the Hospitality Industry

By: Daniel Nonor

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Kobby Acheampong

Teledata ICT, One of the fastest growing and reliable internet service Providers has introduced an innovative and competitive internet solution for the hospitality industry. The company unveiled these Internet Solutions for the Hospitality Industry at Alisa Hotel on Thursday November 25.

The Managing Director of the company, Gregory Eid, noted that Teledata ICT has built its reputation on the willingness to exceed expectations and to provide custom-built solutions after haven studied the Ghanaian market over time.

“We understand each client will have different needs and budget, and we pride ourselves on offering integrated solutions that are cost-effective and flexible yet give your guests and visitors a reliable, secure and an inspiring WiFi experience.”

In an environment where customer satisfaction cannot be compromised, the customer should have access to quality, and seamless internet connectivity without difficulty he reiterated the  solutions ranges from, Installation of Wired and Wireless guest internet, designing the infrastructure for properties , Free e-mail and internet hosting, free of charge and Friendly 24/7 support to name just a few.

The options vary and clearly, we have demonstrated our success in the past year with
Crown Appartamento Hotel, Paloma, Novotel, Alisa Hotel and Frankies amongst others, the MD said.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Kobby Acheampong, who was the guest of honor at the function, emphasized the immense contribution of ICT towards the development of the hospitality industry and the country as a whole.

“Due to the advancement in technology and fierce competition and complexity of the hospitality and tourism market, organizations from all over the world now depend almost on the use of ICT to manage and market their services”, he noted.

He emphasized that the deployment of ICT for the provision of quality services has changed the way things are done and has made it possible for small scale operations to turn up profit and stay competitive in a volatile situation of world economic down turn that has sent hither ­to profitable economic giants tumbling.

“This scenario must help those who have not as yet adopted ICT in their operations to take a critical look at it,” he admonished. Paloma, the first hotel to join the service was awarded a Plaque for Loyalty and continued patronage.

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