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NPP, NDC engage in allegation of corruption instead of fighting the canker -FoFCAC

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NPP, NDC engage in allegation of corruption instead of fighting the canker -FoFCAC

botchway October 15, 2019


From Richard Owusu-Akyaw, Kumasi

The Forum for Christians Against Corruption (FoFCAC), an anti-corruption religious organisation, has asked the two leading political parties in Ghana – the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) – to cease publicising corruption and fashion out ideas to eradicate the menace from Ghana.

According to FoFCAC, instead of successive governments of both political parties focusing on fighting the canker, a vigorous competition in allegations of corruption against each other has become the order of the day, stressing, “It is, therefore, surprising the fight against corruption is not making the desired impact, and this has become a great concern to all well-meaning Ghanaians and organisations that have committed themselves to the frontlines of the fight.”

In a statement issued and signed in Kumasi by Rev. Dr. Kojo Osei-Wusu and Evangelist Ing Emmanuel Wireko-Brobby, President and Secretary of FoFCAC respectively, which was premised on ‘Which party is corrupt than the other’, they bemoaned that it was ironic that politicians are elected to lead in developing Ghana, including fighting corruption. It is, however, also a fact that since independence, it is politicians who have always led in the plunder of the national kitty through corruption.

FoFCAC is, therefore, calling on all politicians to stop immediately, their provocative behavior. “If the culpability of many of them in the crime is not helping them to figure out how to lead in the fight as expected of them, the least they can do is to spare citizens at large the provocative behaviour which is becoming a nuisance on our national conscience,” he said.

According to FoFCAC, the current Akufo-Addo administration has done more than all the pervious successive governments in fighting of corruption through relevant policies and reforms.

The resultant impact, Osei-Wusuh and Wireko-Brobby stated, unfortunately, falls woefully below expectation and that it seems the government needs something extra in addition to the Special Prosecutor, Right to Information, etc. “We, therefore, recommend that the government creates special courts solely for corruption cases for speedy trials, and enact laws for more punitive sanctions for corruption, including community service such as sweeping public streets for convicts.”

The anti-corruption organisation explained in the statement that a very important aspect of the fight that has lagged behind others is the preventive approach.

Proffering solutions to the government of the day to stem the tide against corruption, Rev. Dr. Kojo Wusuh and Evangelist Ing Wireko-Brobby asserted: “To ensure that Ghana brings up a new generation of corruption-free Ghanaians, the Ministry of Education must extend the fight through our schools. If the new approved curriculum does not include it, we recommend [an] immediate review to include it beginning from the Kindergarten.”

As a preventive approach for the wider population, FoFCAC also called for a continuous mass national campaign against the menace, adding that the whole populace must be engaged in awareness campaigns and mobilised through the use of posters, role plays, songs, jingles, collaborations with musicians, artistes, actors and all media houses to saturate every aspect of Ghanaian life with the fight.

FoFCAC emphasised that for corruption to be eliminated from Ghana, the government must lead the fight in a relentlessly urgent manner on the lines advocated above.

However, it said the government’s efforts alone can achieve very little unless all Ghanaians, especially the religious bodies and all Christian churches, shirk the current lukewarm attitude and mobilise their members to join in the fight.

According to them, the fight against corruption approach so far has been mainly curative, but for the complete elimination of the canker, the preventive approach must equally be brought on stream.

FoFCAC is a Christian organisation with the vision of working to help build a corruption free Ghana. After critically studying and analysing the terrain of the current anti-corruption fight in the country, has come out with a strategy of an agenda to help the government lead the fight in a more systematic, holistic and consistent manner, that would lead to a complete elimination of the menace from the Ghanaian society in the near future.


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