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Voltic Ghana innovates new bottle to save environment

botchway October 8, 2019


By Maxwell Obiri-Yeboah

Voltic Ghana has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting the plastic menace by reducing the amount of rubber used in the production of its bottles, and also recycling them.

This is a step in fighting the imminent plastic threat the nation is bound to face. This recycling process would, in the end, provide employment for hundreds of people involved in the collection of the used bottles.

The nation’s biggest household name in terms of quality water provision has been in the country for more than two decades, contributing to the social lives of many Ghanaians meaningfully.

It has, over the years been, researching various ways of reducing the plastic pollution threat that seems to be endemic in the cities, and in the end finds its way into the ocean, where some fishes feed on them and die as a result.

Speaking at the launch of the new crisp bottles as they unveiled their environmentally friendly measures in working to make the cities cleaner over the weekend in Accra, the Managing Director for Voltic Ghana, Mr. Francoise Gazania, said that this idea was to fix the societal problem – providing direct and indirect employment avenues and tackling the filth that comes from plastic. He revealed that the Voltic bottle has been modified and is now seven percent less plastic.

The MD iterated that unlike other brands, the company, together with the support of its partners, has been able to collect more than 800 tonnes of bottles that can be put to new use in less than one month.

“This new eco-friendly bottle is designed to help in recycling; recycling has been in our agenda for long. We are not just interested in giving quality water to Ghanaians to consume. Beyond that, we know that there is a problem with post-consumer waste. And that is what touches our heart. That is why the bottles we have today have the percentage of plastic reduced.

“This is the new bottle that is going to give a new identity to the brand we have known over the years. So, as we collaborate with all industry players, we want to recycle and keep our country clean. We have to work hard to ensure that we use 100 percent of all plastic packages. That journey begins today and starts with you, our consumer, and all of our partners. Because there is no time left. This is the same Voltic with a new twist,” Mr. Gazania added.

He admitted that currently these bottles are not biodegradable, and it is going to be a “little bit challenging” in getting such bottles in tackling filth, but was optimistic that in the next “five to ten years,” based on how advanced they have researched, it is possible the company can produce such degradable bottles from plants.

He promised that in the next 24 months, Voltic is also bringing new infrastructure into the country that would disintegrate the used bottles into pellets and reuse them. He also charged all Ghanaians to speak to the people in the communities about the message of using the product and disposing them in the bins and approved areas for recycling purposes.

Stonebwoy, the Afro Dancehall artiste and Brand Ambassador, explained to this paper that an “initiative like this is an opportunity for him to represent the people,” speak to the producing companies to stick to their initiative of recycling them, and through this sanctions would be applied to those companies which are not working according to the rules and regulations in keeping the sanitation clean.

The Kpoo Keke hitmaker gave the assurance that Ghanaians should expect more innovative ideas which are going to rolled out to save the environment from filth, and advised that the bottles be kept at appropriate places where they could be picked and recycled.

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