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Before confirmation of Takoradi girls’ deaths: How Informants sent police on wild goose chase

botchway September 19, 2019


By John Bediako

The disappearance of the four Takoradi girls and the subsequent confirmation of their deaths is now history. However what is not known to the public is how the kidnappers and their collaborators deceived the security infrastructure of the country which was set on rescuing the children.

While Samuel Udoetuk Wills, the prime suspect, was sending the security agency on a wild goose chase, ‘parasites’ who claimed to have information on the whereabouts of the then missing girls were also cashing in on the situation. The Chronicle’s independent investigation has revealed that these ‘parasites’ masqueraded as informants telling the security agents that the girls were in a baby factory in Nigeria but after collecting huge sums of money, they failed to lead the operation to rescue the children.

It was these tip offs from the supposed informants and confirmation by the Nigeria security of the existence of the baby factory  that motivated the under fire CID boss, Maame Tiwaa Danquah, to tell Ghanaians that his outfit knew where they girls were being kept and that they would be rescued very soon.

But while misleading the Ghanaian security to and fro, Samuel Udoetuk Wills knew the girls had not crossed the border and that they were still in Takoradi. Suspect Wills reportedly killed the three girls soon after his escape from protective custody, after his arrest in connection with the kidnapping.

Though the motive for the killing is yet to be ascertained, experienced security sources that spoke to this reporter said the suspect might have taken the decision to destroy any evidence that would lead the security or police to link him to the kidnapped girls. Information obtained from deep throat sources also indicated that, as the pressure from the public to find the missing girls reached fever pitch, the police resorted to both conventional and unconventional means to get to the bottom of the case and that these methods paid off.

The telephone conversation between the suspects linked to the case were legally obtained and, after scientific analysis, the security agencies came to the conclusion that the girls might have been killed and therefore decided to change their search strategy from locating the live girls to searching for and locating their dead bodies. In addition, The Chronicle gathered from intelligence sources that, though the security agencies knew the girls had been killed, locating the exact spot they were hidden became a Gordian Knot for them to untie.

However despite the scientific methods that they had previously adopted, they finally decided that they should go and open any septic tank that they would find in the house where suspect Wills was re-arrested after he escaped from lawful custody. Lo and behold, the police were proved right as human skeletons were recovered from the septic tank in the house.

Though the police had wanted to conduct the exercise at the septic tank in secrecy, news of the operation somehow leaked. But this never deterred them, they managed to gather all the bones and send them to Accra for forensic analysis, which has positively identified the remains. Though Samuel Udoetuk Wills was brought from the Sekondi prisons to witness the exhumation of the bodies, he still denied any knowledge.

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