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Poverty, greed of politicians, technocrats identified as Africa’s disunity

botchway September 18, 2019


By Inusa Musah

The youth wing of the Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) says the reason Africa’s unity has been impossible is due to the poverty and greed of politicians and technocrats.

As the politicians continue to demonstrate their penchant to amass wealth through greed and seek better medical healthcare outside the shores of the continent, the negative attitude of technocrats and civil servants towards national service has set back development.

Owing to these, African leaders, through the African Union (AU) member-states, have continuously failed to fashion out a common policy that would enforce the unity of the 54 recognised states in the second largest continent in the world, both by land area and population.

“The African leader will prefer to travel outside the continent for better medical care to accessing his country’s medical facility, because he has, through greed and irresponsibility, failed to invest in such developmental infrastructures.

“The African leader is always interested in economically bullying the poor, but would pretend to be caring and providing the needs of the citizenry,” Khadijah Monika Andersen, Board of Director, GUNA, pointed out to provoke discussions to reawaken the youth to demand accountability from the African leader in the struggle for the unity of the continent.

At its maiden conference in Tema to discuss the need for the unity of Africa to facilitate economic trade and continental development, Madam Khadijah shared the view that until the youth arise in positive defiance and demand accountability from African leaders and civil servants, devoid of one’s political lineage, the people of the continent would continue to wallow in abject poverty, “and such conferences would end nowhere.”

The discussion was under the theme: ‘The development of the African Continent depends on unity and love for all’, and Samuel Ojo Bamidele, Youth Affairs Secretary, GUNA, outlined trade barriers, attacks on the media, and the soft spot of the media’s ‘darling’ political parties or politicians which is affecting the agenda.

“The media, which is to be society’s watchdog, is often attacked by the politicians, so the media is afraid to expose the economic rot of the African leader. The same media is quick to expose the continent’s weakness to the outside world, so the outside world sees Africa as a den of unruly people.

“The media should start telling the good news in the continent, and be bold to set the records straight when people put in offices of responsibilities abuse their authority,” Sammy Ojo said.

The administrator of GUNA, Bishop Nathaniel Rudolph, condemned the xenophobic attacks on other Africans in South Africa by the country’s black race, and observed that “such acts have contributed to our inability to unite.”

He charged the current crop of African leaders to shun paying lip service to the continental agenda, and be seen as being proactive to the cause of tabling thought-provoking agenda that would bond the continent, as was the vision of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Mohammed Ghaddafi, Emperor Hallie Selassie, and the early African leaders whose dream was to see Africa united.


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