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Fight against corruption requires commitment -PIRAN-GH

botchway September 18, 2019


From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi

The Public Interest, Research and Advocacy Network (PIRAN-Ghana) has recommended that the fight against corruption requires genuine commitment and a holistic approach.

According to the non-governmental organisation (NGO), corruption is a reality and not a perception, evidenced in the fact that some culprits have been prosecuted, while others have been jailed, with others having refunded monies dishonestly appropriated.

“Corruption is a reality and almost a convention. It is in our churches, markets, schools, public and private business entities, as well as in government.”

In a statement jointly issued by Felilx Djan Foh and James Kwaku Dumenyah, President and Coordinator respectively of PIRAN, the NGO stressed that the canker was real and visible in all facets of our lives, thus affecting economic growth and development.

PIRAN noted that the fight against corruption in Ghana was not receiving the needed attention, and urged the government to be tough in dealing with incidences of corruption, going forward to make it an unattractive venture.

“Pure commitment and walking the talk will be the way forward in dealing with the menace decisively,” the NGO suggested.

It indicated that even though attempts have been made by successive governments to deal with the practice, the situation on the ground does not give any indication that the battle was being won, hence the need for a paradigm shift in the approach to save the country billions of cedis lost through the corruption menace.

PIRAN-Ghana has, therefore, called on the political parties to work together in the fight against corruption to safeguard our economic survival as a sovereign nation.

It also appealed to the government to step up the corruption fight and let the populace feel that decisive actions are being taken to deal with those found to be corrupt within and outside the ruling party.

The government has also been asked to demonstrate its commitment by calling to order all those mentioned by the Special Prosecutor as sabotaging its efforts at working effectively and efficiently in the fight against the canker.

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