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Murderers invade Ashaiman, 3 killed in a day

From Inusa Musah, Ashaiman

Three night watchmen in Ashaiman were killed at their various workplaces on September 15 in a bizarre manner.

The police in the district have immediately launched investigations into the act, which has stunned many a resident and workers who go or return from work in the night.

The first assassination was recorded at about 6am yesterday, when Abdul Razak Ibrahim, an agent of Apsonic Motors, Ashaiman, reported at the Ashaiman District Police charge office of the murder of his night watchman, Ibrahim Bagada Sumaila, 70 years, at the shop.

Police detectives dashed to scene where they saw the lifeless watchman murdered, with blood oozing from his eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth.

The head of the deceased was covered with his shirt, and when the police took it off, it was noticed that some parts had been removed from the skull, besides his tongue cut off.

Beside the deceased were his mobile phone and torchlight, and the police did not detect any traces of burglary in the Apsonic shop.

Just when the police were about conveying the body of the late Ibrahim Sumaila into the police pickup to the Police Hospital, information again got to them that another watchman at the Kasapreko warehouse, opposite the Ashaiman Senior High School, about 50 metres from the first murder scene, had also been murdered.

The second deceased, whose name was given as Kobina, also 70 years, was killed in the same manner the first watchman, with his tongue also cut off.

Similarly, there was no break in of the warehouse.

A closed circuit television (CCTV) camera had been installed at vantage locations at the warehouse, and they would aid the police identify the suspects.

Immediately the police were departing from the scene with the second dead body, news of another murder at Tulaku, near the Ashaiman Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service was received.

The deceased, Joshua Afuugu, 35, according to residents, was not a watchman but sleeps in front of SOFAAMY glass shop when it closes after business.

The police noticed that the left eye of the deceased had been scooped out, and there was damage to the shop.

All the three bodies have been conveyed to Police Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

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