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National Youth policy should be reviewed regularly -Bankole

botchway September 13, 2019


From Samuel Agbewode, Ho

A Member of the National Review Committee of the National Youth Policy, Mr. Alexander Bankole Williams, has expressed concern over how issues concerning the youth are being handled.

Legally, he said, the National Youth Policy should have been reviewed after every five years, but unfortunately, he continued, the policy is being reviewed rather every ten years, which, he said, was not the best way in dealing with youth development issues.

Mr. Williams noted that since issues concerning youth development are constantly changing, there was the need to adhere to the five-year review of the National Youth Policy to help ensure that changing trends in youth-related development would be identified and captured.

Speaking to The Chronicle after the review of the National Youth Policy programme for the Volta Region in Ho, the Committee Member disclosed that prominent issues that were considered during the review, included the growing high unemployment situation among the youth, increasing demand for technical and vocational training education, and the need for equal opportunity in general education for male and females.

Mr. Williams, however, noted with concern that one major problem that bedevils the National Youth Authority is the high bureaucratic practices that normally delay the early release of funds to organise youth-related activities.

The problem, he noted, should be addressed, because, after the review of the policy, there would definitely be the need to provide funds to carry out activities of the authority.

According to him, the review of the National Youth Policy would soon be completed, and the need to effectively implement programmes and activities should not become a problem that would negatively impact on the implementation of the policy.

The Volta Regional Director of the National Youth Authority, Mr. Yao Semodey, on his part, called on parents to complement the government’s efforts in addressing youth-related issues.

Mr. Semodey hoped that the policy review would also help reflect the values of society where the youth would fully embrace volunteerism and avail themselves to carry out community services that would promote rapid development.

The Regional Director observed that one major development challenge confronting the nation was the get-rich quick syndrome among the youth, which discourages the willingness to acquire relevant lifelong skills and live meaningful lives.

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