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Protest at Elmina over shut down of GN Bank

botchway September 12, 2019



From Naabenyin Joojo Amissah, Elmina

About 4,000 direct employees of the defunct GN Bank are set to lose their jobs and livelihoods following the collapse of the bank.

In view of this, a group of people calling themselves ‘Concerned Citizens of Elmina’, on Tuesday, this week, held a demonstration to protest against the collapse of GN Bank.

GN Bank was among the indigenous banks that have been declared insolvent by the Bank of Ghana.

However, the protestors posited that “If government pays the GH¢2.2 billion it owes Dr Nduom, he would be in the position to pay his customers.”

Addressing the press after the demonstration, Mr Jerome Boateng, leader of the demonstrators, stated that the government had not denied the fact that it owed Dr Nduom, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Groupe Nduom.

He mentioned the sea defence project at Axim (Lower Dixcove), which was recently inaugurated by the President, as one of the projects funded and executed by GN Bank, which had not been paid for.

According to the protestors, industrialists like Dr Nduom were rare, therefore, closing down his businesses would amount to “inviting curses…unemployment, poverty, armed robbery, diseases, squalor, misery and perpetual under-development.”

They, therefore, implored the government to see Dr Nduom, who has established a lot of businesses that have employed many Ghanaians, as a partner in the industrialisation drive.

They further appealed to the President to intervene and “cause a review of the decision of his appointees, who have decided to kill the businesses of ‘Edwumawura’ to settle personal scores.”

A petition to the President was later presented to the Municipal Chief Executive of Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem, Nana Appiah Korang.

The mammoth demonstration was mainly attended by the youth, customers of GN Bank, and others whose lives had been adversely affected.

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