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Rejoinder :  NPP Sponsored My Opponent

botchway August 29, 2019


The attention of the Rita Adotey for Parliament Campaign Team has been drawn to a very strange publication in your esteemed daily at page 4 of Wednesday 28 August 2019.

The story, captioned “NPP Sponsored my Opponent” – claims Ningo Prampram’s Sam George” makes my interesting reading.

The Hon MP could NOT mention the name of any New Patriotic Party (NPP) big wig who may have said anything to give him the possible impression that party could have been remotely behind his Constituency Chairman’s bid to remove him from Parliament.

The Rita Adotey for Parliament Campaign Team wants to make it absolutely clear that the NPP had no hand whatsoever in the just-ended NDC primary fought between the Member of Parliament (MP) and the NDC Chairman.

After a close circuit scientific analysis of their feud, we concluded that neither of the two combatants was capable of my real threat to Rita Adotey’s impending victory in the polls in December 2020.

In fact, the narrow win of Sam George shows that the NDC party is deeply divided in Ningo Prampram. He won with only a majority of 7 votes.

Currently, Rita Adotey is working round the clock, visiting every polling station in the Ningo Prampram Constituency to tell them that time has come to tell the whole world that Ningo Prampram is NOT an NDC stronghold. The time of bullying, vote racketeering, and electoral skullduggery is over.

Come September 28 2019, Rita Adotey will comfortably sweep aside the lame challenge to her by Alex Martey, and after being crowned as the first female NPP parliamentary candidate for Ningo Prampram, she will go all out in a sweeping campaign to re-ignite electoral fervour in the constituency, and do to Sam George what he did to his old protégé, ET Mensah.

If what Sam George said is true, that a key government official told him, “look, we are taking you out…” you can go up and down, we will take you out,” then what is on the ground is that the fresh wind blowing in Ningo Prampram, from Afienya through the Central University and along the coast, is that Ningo-Prampram is NOT an NDC stronghold. The NPP will take out Sam George as MP, come December 2020.


Captain (Rtd)

Legal Attach, Rita Adotey Campaign Team

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