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Best Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever

botchway August 29, 2019


Typhoid or typhoid fever is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria. This bacterial infection causes high fever and gastrointestinal problems. People usually get typhoid through the consumption of contaminated water or food. The symptoms can range from body ache to the loss of appetite. Some people might also get a skin rash or pink spots with the fever. Major reasons responsible for typhoid can be poor sanitation and unhygienic conditions. The high fever can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit; one may need to get admitted in the hospital if the fever is not brought down by medicines. A typhoid vaccine can help prevent a person from getting infected by the bacteria for a few years but it is still necessary to eat healthy and nutritional food which is free from any kind of infection. There are several medications available for people who suffer from this disease; however one can also refer to home remedies for typhoid fever.

Typhoid usually spreads through human contact only. Once the bacteria enters the human body, it spreads to the intestines and enters the blood stream as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Here are some home remedies for typhoid fever:

  1. Drink lots of fluids

Diseases like typhoid often lead to dehydration; therefore, the patient should at all times keep themselves hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. The fluids can be water, fresh fruit juices, herbal tea, etc. Water is known as elixir of life. It helps us stay hydrated and it is extremely important for maintaining water levels for a healthy and disease-free life. Typhoid might cause diarrhea, therefore intake of fresh juices will help in getting rid of toxins and other waste materials from the body. It also provides the required nutrients to boost the immune system and fight the bacterial infection.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is bestowed with a wide variety of health benefits and can be extremely helpful for curing typhoid fever. It contains antioxidants and acts as blood purifier. It helps the kidney flush out unwanted substances from the body; thus, cleansing the system. However, it is should be consumed raw or semi-cooked to make the most of its benefits. It fosters the healing process and boosts immunity of the person suffering from typhoid fever. It works great as one of the home remedies for typhoid fever.

  1. Basil

Basil is a popular herb which eases inflammation and joint pains which are common with home remedies for typhoid fever. It is also included in many Ayurvedic medicines and is said to cure many diseases including malaria. It can be infused with tea or can be boiled with water or consumed with honey by the person suffering from typhoid. It can also be infused with ginger juice or black pepper for quick relief. The antibacterial properties of basil help in removing the bacteria that causes typhoid.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties and is a good home remedy for typhoid fever. It brings high fever down as it draws out heat from the body of the person suffering from typhoid. It contains minerals which are extremely important for a person who is sick and is losing nutrients because of diarrhea.

  1. Cold compress

A person down with typhoid suffers from high fever which stays for days; therefore, it is very important to maintain a normal body temperature. This can achieved with the help of a cold compress which is a cloth damp with cold water. It is then put on the patient’s forehead, armpits, feet and hands. However, the water used in this process should not be too cold and the cloth should be changed from time to time for best re

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