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‘Nigeria’s tallest man’ denies marriage rumours

botchway August 14, 2019

Agoro Afeez, who is often described as Nigeria’s tallest man, has debunked rumours that he has got married.

He said this on his Facebook page on Friday while sharing photos of himself and a lady wearing the same Ankara fabric.

He wrote, “Please disregard the pictures about my married. Not real.”(sic). He added that he had merely been at an event last Saturday, where he wore the ‘Aso ebi’. He said, “I was at a function on Saturday wearing aso ebi.”

It was rumoured that Afeez had got married after the photos surfaced on the internet.

Afeez Agoro was born in the city of Sabo Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria on 13 December 1975 as the last child of three children for his mother who was the second wife of his late father. Afeez moved with his family to Akoka Yaba where he grew up and also had his education, he attended St. Finbarr’s College, Yaba. Afeez obtained his ordinary National Diploma certificate from the University of Lagos and went further to get his Higher National Diploma certificate from the Lagos state Polytechnic.

Afeez Agoro grew up like every normal child until he fell ill at the age of Nineteen and the condition brought about a rapid growth that was strange to all and within the following year, Afeez fell ill several times and grew taller significantly. All medical attempts to control his strange growth failed and he currently stands at 7 ft. 4 inches tall which makes him the tallest man in Nigeria and among the list of the tallest people in Africa.

Being the tallest man in Nigeria comes with both it’s advantages and disadvantages, Afeez has enjoyed several privileges as a celebrity including travelling to various countries, kind treatment from fans and being celebrated and appreciated by many including celebrities like Linda Ikeji, Julius Agwu etc. who had met and taken photos with him.

On the other hand, he has faced several challenges including battling with rheumatism, he has had the problem of not finding his sizes for cloths and shoes in stores and had to rely on custom made wears and sandals. Agoro is still single as many ladies are afraid of his height and he has had issues attending public events especially due to the fact that he cannot fit into public commercial vehicles.

Credit: punchng.com

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