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botchway August 14, 2019




(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)







“Where could I go; where could I go?

Seeking a refuge for my soul;

Needing a friend to help me in the end;

Where could I go but to the Lord”


Events unfolding nowadays from the camp of those who have taken to the Cross to win more souls for Christ have forced some nostalgic feelings in me concerning social nights during my secondary school days in Accra.


During social nights on Saturdays, many activities took place on the stage – dancing, gospel music, Wofa Kwaku Ananse stories, clowning, etc.


I remember I took unusual interest in the gospel music to the extent that, I was always drawn onto the stage to join in the singing and dancing.


One particular song really mad me mad with excitement, because it had a rhythm of rock’n’roll, which I relished. Besides, its Christian message appealed, and still appeals to me. The lyrics form the preamble of this write-up.


It is encouraging to observe that the world is now saturated with people who profess to be “Man/Women of God”. That is they have received a Special calling to carry the cross with a specific aim of winning souls for the Supreme Being of this Universe.


While some of them are faithful to their calling, others who are wolves have managed to don sheep’s skin to deceive unsuspecting Christians thirsting and hungry for salvation.


The latter are so cunning that they can memorise almost all verses in the Bible to convince their gullible followers that they have genuine spiritual   powers for healing everybody with both physical and spiritual afflictions.


Regrettably, they turn out eventually to be fake. There are those who rape and defile some of their followers. Some even commit an extremely abominable sin of sodomy – men going behind their own kind! Some also are guilty of divisive utterances to offend 1 John 4:8 which says “He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is Love”.


It is such prophets to whom I may cry “where could I go to seek refuge for my soul”, if you are not genuine in your service to God.


Many people, like myself, continue to ask “where could they go to seek refuge for their souls” Indeed, we need friend to help us in the end. Who will respond to our wailings?


Perhaps, there is always a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, which the true and genuine men of God   can provide.


PERISCOPE urges them to work hard to win over people’s hearts. These are the so-called rich and respectable personalities who are behind the scenes, murder contractors, adulterers, political crabs and confusionists. Shamelessly, they occupy places of pride in churches, deceiving God and forgetting that God cannot be deceived.


It is only that He is long-suffering and full of love for his creatures to the extent that , He gives  us a long rope with the hope that  we will repent, do good and realize that, we are  mere “dust  and onto dust  shall we  finally go”. Those murder contractors  who cause  unending  flow of tears  from widows, orphans, etc, must note that  they can  run but  they cannot  hide. They are always celestial radar for undeserved punishments.


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