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Macaulay Culkin responds to ‘Homw Alone’ reboot plans

botchway August 10, 2019

Disney’s announcement that it will reboot Home Alone for the Disney+ streaming device drew metaphorical groans from film purists and fans of the 1990 original. Now Kevin McAllister himself has weighed in.

Macaulay Culkin, who leaped to child stardom as the precocious kid who outsmarts two bungling burglars in the family favorite, took to social media to share his hilarious response to Disney’s news.

According to Culkin, who will turn 39 on Aug. 26, Kevin is still pigging out unsupervised in the living room. We can only assume he’s streaming Angels With Filthy Souls on that laptop, right?

Culkin’s pic got major love from fans, some of whom urged the now-grown Culkin to play Kevin’s absent-minded dad in the reboot. John Heard, who played patriarch Peter McAllister in the first two films, died in 2017.

Though he passed on the considerably less successful third, fourth and fifth Home Alone installments, Culkin isn’t necessarily ruling out a return this time around.

Credit: yahoo.com

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