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Instagram goes wild after P. Diddy & Lori Harvey were seen together

botchway August 10, 2019


Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s 22-year-old stepdaughter, was spotted wearing matching outfits with 49-year-old rapper Steve “Diddy Combs” in late July.

Most recently, Diddy and Lori grabbed lunch together in Italy with Lori’s stepdad, Steve. Fans are now asking Diddy a ton of questions all over his Instagrams, demanding to know if he is, in fact, dating Lori.

People are really going to great lengths to find out if Lori Harvey, 22, and Sean “Diddy” Combs, 49, are actually dating, including now flooding Diddy with questions on Instagram.

Yesterday, the “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper posted the below photo of himself vacationing in Capri, Italy. The recent pictures come weeks after dating rumors first sparked when Lori and Diddy were seen in New York City flaunting matching outfits.

Because neither Lori nor Diddy have confirmed or denied the hearsay, curious folks have taken it upon themselves to blast the rapper’s vacation Instagram with questions about their alleged romance.

“All those rumors, is it true?” one asked. “Are you really dating Lori after your son did?” another inquired, while one wanted to know, “Where is Lori” Several others flat out criticized Diddy, calling out his and Lori’s age difference and the fact that Lori has reportedly been romantically involved with the artist’s 25-year-old son, Justin, in the past.

Diddy is seemingly blocking out all the noise, as well. Recent Instagrams show that he’s been spending quality time in Italy with his kids Quincy, Christian, Chance, twins Jessie and D’Lila, and, yes, Justin. Even though Lori, Steve, and Marjorie Harvey have also recently visited Capri, it’s not not clear if they met up with the entire Combs family at one point.

As for Lori, she also seems generally unfazed. The same day Diddy posted his boat picture, Lori also shared a snapshot of herself in Capri and captioned it, “Lemme drive the boat.”

If we had to guess, Diddy and Lori are going to keep giving fans the silent treatment and continue living their best lives, just as they should.

Credit: yahoo.com


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