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Is he really a man of God?

botchway August 7, 2019



(Advocate against cheating and of peaceful co-existence)


Somebody help me find an answer to the above question. I am very doubtful and I do not know how to start this commentary. I certainly, and indeed, find myself entangled in a web of surprise, to the extent that my whole system has temporarily succumbed to numbness, preventing me from thinking right.

A man of God of all people was reported to have shamefully attacked women in three of Ghana’s prominent ethnic groups – Ashantis, Fantes and Ewes – foolhardily, describing them as unsuitable for marriage!

Of course, I am referring to a publication in the Daily Guide of Monday July 29, 2019, Page 6, according to the news item headlined “Asante Women “Evil” -Badu Kobi claims.

In the story, the Founder and Leader of Glorious Waves Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, was reported to have sent Asante, Fante and Ewe women to the cleaners, portraying them as unsuitable as marriage partners.

To him, Ashanti women are “greedy, heartless, disrespectful and evil and materialistic: Fante women, “fools”, and Ewe women “doormats”. A colleague I was with simply doubted the sanity of the man of God (MoG).

For me, what really came to mind was the fact that the MoG had ever married from the three tribes, but he did not meet connubial bliss due to irresponsibility, perhaps.

Obviously, the MoG, like some men, has misconstrued the good intentions biblical admonitions as found in Ephesians 5: 22-23 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord. For the Husband is the head of the wife…”

Women have been described as the “weaker sex.” This does not mean weaker in intelligence, but in strength. Fundamentally, women marry for the main purpose of “replenishing the Earth” (Genesis 2:28). Closely followed by this is the unwritten desire for protection and security, meaning their husbands are expected to feed and clothe them and their children. They also need protection from harm.

If a husband refuses to do this, there is no room for doubt that she will “rebel” against her irresponsible husband. Perhaps, the Man of God, if he had ever married from all the three ethnic groups, had played “truant” and had been highly irresponsible, hence the “rebellion” the neglected wives put up. This does not speak well of the Man of God.

Another angle of the unfortunate utterances of the Man of God was that he failed to employ his sense of discretion. He can be likened to a grown up person, who complains that someone has passed gas, when he is in a room with many people conversing.

“Discretion”, it is said is the “better part of valour” and must be employed at all times to spell out peaceful co-existence. No wonder as the newspaper report indicated, after his tribalism-laden tirade, “All the noise in the church suddenly went dead, as the place became quiet like a ghost town.  Badu Kobi even realised the sudden change of mood of his congregation.

“Trying to win his church members over to his tirade of abuse, Badu Kobi said “the room is quiet” but nobody responded.

A colleague remarked that sometimes, some human beings can be likened to cow-dung. Outwardly, they look fine and respectable, but behind the façade of respectability is a reprehensible character, such as highly respected personalities turning into murder contractors.

PERISCOPE thinks that the Man of God’s insulting behaviour does not offend not only Asante, Fante and Ewe women, but also all Ghanaian women, and he must employ a respectable and human stance of an unqualified apology to our women who do not, indeed, deserve such an insult. He must, indeed, save his image through an apology.

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