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The Research according to the Kobi Man

botchway August 6, 2019


Pastor Badu Kobi was very emphatic in his teachings that Asante women are greedy and wicked, Fante women are simpletons, and Ewe women are doormats, but he incidentally failed to quote a single passage from the Holy Scriptures to support what he said was the Gospel truth in his research.

From the look of things, Pastor Badu Kobi did his research from life conditions he experienced in his own home, from his birth to his adulthood, and in his married life. That is why as a good father he went on to advise his daughters not to behave like their mother, aunties, grandmother and other women in the family.

In gross ignorance Pastor Badu Kobi supported his statements by making reference to a common statement made to Asante women going into marriage, and it is this: “As you are going into marriage, when you get property, bring it home, but when you get indebtedness, leave it in your husband’s home.”

Okyeame Kwame explains this phrase with such logic and wisdom that I wonder how come this so-called man of God could have missed this during his research.

The property here is the fruit of the womb, the offspring of the woman. Meaning, if the woman brings forth children, they belong to the family (and in the Asante Akan culture children belong to their mother’s side). The debt here is the children other women may have for her husband (and here again, by the Asante Akan culture, these children do not belong to the woman and her family).

Simple and straight forward, and if even this instruction is to be taken literally, we should have evidence of successful men who have married Asante women being stripped off their properties and earnings, and left destitute roaming the streets. What used to be the case until lately is that after the demise of a husband, his family would go for his properties and drive the widow out of her matrimonial home. From clear analysis, it is very obvious that we have here an incorrigible person in the form of a certain so-called man of God, who does not know that he was in the wrong with such infantile comments, and yet he calls those who are correcting him, senseless, unwise, and stupid.

All the negative comments he made against Asante, Ewe and Fante women do exist, but cannot be generalised for any ethnic group. Some wives are known to grab all their husbands’ properties and earnings even before the men’s demise. And some wives live in timidity with male chauvinist husbands who handle them like their slaves. None of these characteristics is the absolute behaviour of women in any ethnic group, but are minor incidences spread across and strongly disapproved by society.

I find it a bit difficult to understand what exactly Rev. Badu Kobi means by all Fante women are foolish women, so I cannot comment here.

We are certainly having problems with Christianity in Ghana these days, as in other parts of the world. The Lord Jesus Christ’s instructions to all Christians, especially the clergy, to go out and evangelise the world and win souls for Him (St. Matthew 28: 19-20), have taken many other dimensions with this holy institution now flocked with quacks (false and fake teachers and pastors), who come out to even claim authority over Jesus Christ Himself.

People, who finding out they have no ambition in life by way of trade or profession, get hold of a Bible, scream some strange words they themselves do not understand, and claim they have the gift of tongues, therefore, they are gifted by the Holy Spirit to lead the flock of Jesus. They set up churches and get a congregation, and soon behave as if they have authority over all mankind, because they are the anointed ones of God.

They say and do any stupid things in the name of Christianity and get away with it. And each passing day brings a reverse interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures, for when the Word said in Galatians 3: 28 that we are all one in the eyes of God, a pastor is saying some are fools, some are doormats, and others are demonic.

Even as people have started bashing him for his unholy utterances, for he called women fools, and that is a guarantee for hell fire for him, as Jesus warned in St. Matthew 5:22, he is still adamant and calling them unwise and stupid without knowing he is bringing into his life God’s words in Proverbs 12:1.

In the Sacred Scriptures, we have two kinds of fools. One is the ignorant and the other is what we can say is senseless, stupid, and a simpleton. Calling someone the latter angers God, because no one He has created should be regarded as out of place.

Pastor Badu Kobi, and, if indeed he had the calling to lead people to God, must know the qualities required for this vocation and study and meditate on the Word.

Having stated all these, I will wish the government and all stakeholders would start thinking of ways to regulate this strange form of Christian worshiping taking place, and put up acceptable and true Christian structures to be strictly adhered to by all worshipers of the faith, including the leaders.

The warning of “touch not the Lord’s anointed” should be discarded, for it is quoted out of context. Preceding passages to 1 Chronicles 16: 22 reveal that the anointed was in relation to all the Jewish people. Moreover, God decreed in Deuteronomy that all false prophets and teachers must be put to death (Deuteronomy 13:1-10 and 18:20), which could have been the basis on which even the good prophets were killed.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul rebuked his senior, St. Peter, in Galatians 2: 11-14, and that can amount to touching an anointed, as loosely defined today. Lastly, St. John tells us in 1 John 2:22 that all Christians have received anointing, and in verse 27, adds that His anointing teaches about everything.

We need to act fast to put measures in place to prevent another Jonestown Massacre, another case of church members drinking petrol and bleach, or chewing lawn grass, another case of unmarried women having their genitals examined in public to find out whether they will bear forth children when they marry, and other ridiculous acts of worshipping, which can be called demonic worshiping.

Lastly, if Pastor Badu Kobi could reveal such family secrets in public and insult women, I wonder why his wife has not left him and all the women in his church are still there, after all, even Jesus Christ lost a lot of followers when He spoke the truth about salvation (St. John 6: 66), how much less do they have to hang around with a man who preaches errors against the very foundation of Christianity.

Hon. Daniel Dugan.




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