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Gov’t, NDC support victims at Agavedzi

botchway July 11, 2019


From Samuel Agbewode, Agavedzi

Residents of Agavedzi, a fishing and farming community in the Ketu South Municipality, have been rendered homeless as a result of tidal waves that destroyed their houses, a development that the victims say has disorganised them and made life extremely difficult, and thanked the government and the regional office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the support given to them.

The victims explained that Agavedzi is their hometown, and since the disaster occurred continuously on a daily basis two months back, they have been sleeping in the open under trees and the A.M.A Zion Church, which was affecting them psychologically.

According to the victims, the church building given them to occupy was not good, because the church has a school on the same premises so they have to share it with school children, resulting in their privacy being lost.

Madam Rejoice Gbanatey, one of the victims, explained that all their properties were washed into the sea including clothes, food items and beds among others, and that in most of the cases, they had only the clothes they were wearing, as the disaster happened when they were away from home.

She said due to that her business collapsed resulting in the entire family becoming frustrated, because their source of livelihood, which was selling fish, came to a halt, and appealed to the government to come to their aid.

Madam Mary Adehoke, on her part, commended the government for responding promptly to support them, as the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) had provided them with mattresses, blankets and packets of mosquito coil.

She added that even though they appreciate the gesture, they also needed food items and money to enable them to live a more meaningful life.

The Volta Regional Executives of the NDC, led by the Chairman, Mr. Henry Ametefee, and the Ketu South Constituency Executives of the party also visited the victims at Agavedzi to sympathise with them, and gave the victims an amount of GH¢2,000 to support them during the difficult period.

Mr. Ametefee noted that the 67 houses washed by the sea and persons affected should be a wakeup call for the government to, as a matter of importance, prioritise its development agenda to deal with the needs of the people, saying, “this is not the time to build a national cathedral when lives of Ghanaians are in danger as a result of the devastating effects of the sea at Agavedzi.”

The Volta Regional NDC Chairman continued and urged the government to protect the coastal communities from Agavedzi to Aflao, by completing the sea defense project.

He further stated that the gesture from the party was to provide the needed assistance to the victims, adding that he was happy to meet the Ketu Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Elliot Edem Agbenorwu and NADMO officials providing some kind of support to the affected persons.

Mr. Ametefee noted that even though the government, through the Municipal Assembly, was providing support to the victims, it was not enough, and that to protect the lives and properties of the people of Agavedzi and prevent a similar disaster in the future, it ought to protect the coastal communities, which, he said, his party started before leaving power.

The Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive, who earlier exchanged friendly greetings with the NDC Regional Executives, told the media that the government had taken full control of the situation and provided mattresses, blankets and mosquito coils to the victims, and records taken to provide food items to them.

Mr. Agbenorwu stressed that there was no need to panic as the government had short and long term plans, and that the short term plan would deal with the immediate needs of the affected persons, while the long term plan was the building of the sea defense project, which was ongoing.

The Ketu South MCE pointed out that calm had returned at Agavedzi, as those affected in the disaster were being catered for by the government.

He further explained that the disaster that occurred should not be interpreted as if the sea defense project had come to a halt, and explained that as work was ongoing the disaster took place in areas where the works had not covered.

The Chief of Agavedzi, Togbui Sewor Aklika Futukpor IV, commended the regional executives of the NDC for the gesture, and reminded them that even though they started the sea defense project, it was heartwarming that the New Patriotic Party (NPP), upon taking over governance, continued with the project until recently when he (chief) was informed about the disaster.

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