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Politicians are like butchers… – General Mosquito

botchway July 10, 2019


By Bernice Bessey

Johnson Aseidu Nketia, General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), says politics is a no go area for those who have developed phobias of going to prison, since politicians are like butchers, whose job is to slaughter animals and never fear blood.

According to him, anyone who is afraid of going to prison should then rescind the decision of becoming a politician and go into farming instead.

This, he said in the Twi language as: “Yen a yesi yebo se yebeye ‘politics’ no, yaye yen ho se nankwaserefoo, yen suro mmogya.”

General mosquito, as he is affectionately called, was speaking to climax the “Kum yen preko” demonstration held in protest at economic hardship, media intimidation, insecurity, return of the culture of silence, failing systems, and social injustice and among others.

The ‘Kum yen preko’ demonstration that brought many to march on the principal streets of Accra yesterday, was organised by a pressure group, Coalition for Social Justice.

The General Secretary continued that renowned politicians like Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela were released from prison to become presidents to liberate their respective countries from colonial and apartheid rules.

He argued that if those two individuals were afraid of going to prison, their countries would still have been under the oppressors’ rule.

What worries General Mosquito the more was that those causing fear and intimidating the media and their political opponents have not learned from history, although they claim to be champions of human rights and freedom of speech and expression.

According to him, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo, had not lived up to the task of what it promised Ghanaians while in opposition.

“If we have chosen democracy, and we same people have turn round to practice something contrary to that, it means the legacy that our forefathers left for us, we are destroying it. But we (NDC) want to preserve that democracy, which is why this type of manifestation is important,” he added.

Charged by the crowd, he said the problem of democracy was civil obedience, and the antidote to any sick democracy is civil disobedience.

Sammy Gyamfi, Convener for the Coalition for Social Justice as well as National Communication Officer of the NDC, told of the hardship of Ghanaians under the Akufo-Addo, adding that the demonstration was not about the NDC neither the NPP, Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Peoples National Convention (PNC) and Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), but about Ghana and the future of generations unborn.

Samuel Ofuso-Ampofu, National Chairman of the NDC, plastered his mouth as a sign of fear for freedom of speech and expression.

There were speeches from the Tema Kiosks Estate Association, aggrieved Menz Gold customers, Gold Coast Holdings, fishermen associations, market women associations, Concerned Driver Union, Kayayei Association and other minor political parties.

The placards they carried had inscriptions like ‘Nana never again’, ‘Don’t dare rig 2020 elections’, ‘incompetent government’, ‘Ghana needs a redeemer now’, ‘Drop that chamber’, ‘Why borrow 20 million in 2 years’, and many others.




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