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Indiscipline on our roads getting worse

botchway July 9, 2019


By Bernice Bessey

Indiscipline on the road is worsening by the day, as the picture accompanying this story depicts a clear incident of how poorly traffic regulations in this country are respected or adhered to.

The tricycle in the picture, popularly known as ‘bola taxi’, is used for the convenient collection of refuse at residences for proper disposal at an allocated point.

However, this particular tricycle operator, on Saturday, decided to park indiscriminately in the middle of the Dansoman-Sakaman road to collect refuse at a shop opposite.

This tricycle rider parked at an s-curve junction called Blue Lagoon, which is a busy stretch of the road that joins the communities to the Winneba road.

Drivers who could not wait climbed on the shoulders of the road to maneuver their way in the busy traffic.

This must be seriously checked to curtail indiscipline and road crashes.


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