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Dr Duncan inducted into Research Professorship Office

botchway July 9, 2019


Bernice Bessey

Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, President of Centre of Awareness (COA) Medical and Diagnostic Clinics, has been inducted into the office of a Research Professor by the Alfred Noble University, Ukraine.

Dr Duncan received this prestigious acknowledgement due to the role he plays in medical research to help treat persons living in conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, renal diseases, hepatitis B & C, and other chronic diseases.

The President of COA was nominated by the Extraordinary Achievement and Heroes of Africa (EXAHA), working in partnership with the Un Global compact, African Union and universities and other organisations worldwide.

Dr Duncan received the honorary Professorship with others like Dr Sampson Effah Apreku, Dr  Joseph Kobina Essibu and Dr Nii Kotei Dzani, while the honorary doctorate degrees went to Mrs Faustina Adofo Adjayar and John Peter Amenu.

The EXAHA acknowledged these personalities due to their vision, passion, preparation, courage, perseverance, integrity and the African dream, last weekend in Accra.

Dr Duncan, after receiving the prestigious recognition, told the media in an interview, he was rather expecting it from a Ghanaian institution, but all the same, he was happy about it, stressing, “At certain times, I become sad, because if you are in the country and you are doing a lot for the country and your own country cannot recognise you, then you are doomed. It is very painful.”

The award was a result of discoveries he has made that are potential cures for HIV/AIDS and other terminal diseases.

He has singlehandedly for over 40 years invested into researching for lasting a solution to HIV/AIDs, saying, “I think I deserve it [award] more than this. I am going to use this opportunity, as a research professor, to do further research so that we came out with lot of solutions that the world is looking for. We have a lot for Mother Ghana and for Africa.”

Dr Duncan underscored the importance of the award, saying: “To be a hero of Africa means a lot, this is the time I will need the support from the government to do more, so that Ghana can benefit from my research and discoveries. I think I was not expecting an institution from Ukraine to come and give such award, I was expecting it from Ghana.”

According to him, the award is a wakeup call to leadership to acknowledge what is good for Mother Ghana and Africa as a whole.

To him, research institutions all over the world are looking for a lasting solution to HIV/AIDS, and if somebody in Ghana is making positive strides in that direction, he needs to be seriously encouraged, especially by the government, but not discouraged.

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